Heads Of AU, Commonwealth And La Francophonie Jointly Visit Cameroon To Seek Solutions To Anglophone Conflict

The Chairman of the African Union Commission (AU) and the Secretaries-General of the Commonwealth of Nations and La Francophonie have jointly visited Cameroon in a bid to assist the government in managing the three-year long war in the Anglophone regions of the country. Speaking shortly after a visit to the […]

Ukrainian And Russian Attempts At Peace In The Donbass Region 3

In a conflict where new ceasefires are broken within minutes, recent peace talks between Ukraine and Russia – one of the many – seemed overly pessimistic. However, since initiating these peace talks in August 2019, both parties have made significant efforts in reducing conflict in the Donbass region of Eastern […]

Far-Right Party “Alternative für Deutschland” Makes Gains in Elections 1

Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), a far-right ring political group that has been steadily gaining momentum beat Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) party in elections on Saturday in the east German state of Thuringia. While taking 24 percent of the vote and doubling their previous standings, they still took second place […]

Lebanese Protests Enter Tenth Day

Protests in Lebanon have continued into their tenth day, despite calls from the government for the people to desist. Riot police have been called in to try to defuse the situation in Beirut, as demonstrators have clashed with pro-Hezbollah supporters in the capital. Over one million people have taken to […]

Outrage As Brexit Group Leave.EU Targets German Chancellor With Wartime Propaganda Meme

Anti-EU campaign group, Leave.EU, recently incensed many with a xenophobic tweet directed at the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Posted on Tuesday 8th October, the meme alluded to Britain’s World War victories and was evocative of wartime propaganda. It read, “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by […]

Matteo Salvini’s Election Hopes Are Met With Opposition 1

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right Italian party Lega Nord, has called for a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Salvini’s hope is to force a collapse of the current government and trigger early elections. U.S. News reports that party leaders met on Monday, August 12th […]

Germany Looking For Justice For Yazidi Genocide 2

Five years after the Islamic State (IS) committed a genocide against the Yazidi people, Germany has announced its commitment to seek justice for the victims. The Yazidi Genocide was committed on 3 August 2014 in the Nineveh province of Iraq. Nearly 10,000 people, mainly young men and boys over 12 […]

UK Suspends Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia: Australia to Follow?

On June 21st, the British government’s transfer of weapons to Saudi Arabia was deemed unlawful by the UK Court of Appeal. The transfer was deemed unlawful as a result of neglect on the government’s behalf to assess the past conduct of the recipient of the export, in particular Saudi Arabia’s […]

Pro-Refugee Politician Murdered By Member Of Far-Right In Germany

A far-right extremist has murdered a German politician known for his pro-refugee stance. Walter Lübcke, 65, was found dead at his home near Kassel, in the Hesse region of Germany, on 2 June. He had been shot by Stephen Ernst, a 45-year-old man with connections to the neo-Nazi group Combat […]

German Captain of Refugee-Rescue Ship Arrested In Lampedusa

Carola Rakete, German Ship Captain of Sea Watch 3 – a vessel operated by German NGO, Sea Watch – was arrested on June the 27th after docking the vessel at the Italian town of Lampedusa. Rakete was at sea for 2 weeks with 40 African refugees on board, when she […]