Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ratko Mladić’s Prosecution To Bring Long Awaited Peace And Justice

  As the trial for notorious Bosnian Serb military commander, Ratko Mladić, comes to a close after a lengthy five-year trial, survivors, victim’s families, and the prosecution are calling for a life sentence. Anything less, lawyers are saying would be an ‘insult to his victims.’ Mladić is being accused of […]

Ethnic Tensions Rise In Bosnia Herzegovina Following A Nationalist Driven Referendum

The autonomous Serb Republic, housed within the borders of Bosnia Herzegovina led by President Milorad Dodik, defied a Constitutional Court decision to cancel a controversial referendum at the end of September, this year. The referendum concerned the celebration of January the 9th as the Day of the Serb Republic (RS), […]

International Concern Over Miscarriage Of Justice As 36 Executed In Iraq

Iraq has faced criticism from human rights groups this week following the hanging executions of 36 people. The 36 men were hanged on Sunday the 21st of August, after they were found guilty of involvement in the 2014 Speicher massacre, in which up to 1,700 Shi’ite military recruits were slaughtered […]

Responsibility to Protect and the UN Security Council: An Outdated Preventive Doctrine

Almost five years have passed and the United Nations has estimated that more than 250,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict began, which includes 500 children, according to UNICEF.  United Nations Security Council, the guardian of world peace and stability, has not only failed to prevent the war […]

NATO Contesting Russian Influence In The Balkans

  NATO is incrementally winning the political war in the Balkans whilst Russian rhetoric is perpetually defensive man-oeuvres to maintain its relevance. Serbia, probably Russia’s strongest in the Balkans, has initiated a small but potentially massive cooperative pact with NATO Support Procurement Organization (NSPO). The agreement would broaden Serbian participation in multinational […]

World Humanitarian Summit: OCHA Humanitarian Action in 2025, A Forward-Looking Agenda

On the 30th of September, 2015, at the UN General Assembly, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) organized a side event on humanitarian effectiveness in preparation for the World Humanitarian Summit – to take place in May 2016 in Istanbul-Turkey. This meeting was held during a […]

International Challenges Of The 21st Century

September 21st was a symbolic day as it marked an international event devoted to spreading unity, solidarity and global independence, while celebrating the not-so-impossible thought of world peace. September 21st was World Peace Day. For strategic leaders of the 21st century primarily concerned with issues of foreign policy and national […]