The Role Of Climate Change In Devastating Venice Floods

Amidst the eerie scenes coming out of Venice this week after the lagoon city saw its worst flooding since 1966, there is a much more sobering reality at play. The city’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, points to climate change as one of the many factors that have led to this destruction. […]

Eastern Europe Fearful For Democracy, But Hope Persists

The Guardian reported that “thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, today’s eastern Europeans are fearful for the future of democracy, skeptical of government and the main political parties, and distrustful of the media, according to a new survey.” Jon Henley, Europe Correspondent for the Guardian, recently shared […]

Jacob Rees-Mogg Sparks Fury As He Suggests Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire Lacked ‘Common Sense’

On the 30th October the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire was released, with the report finding that the 72 people who perished could have been saved if the London fire brigade had evacuated earlier, The Guardian reports.  The Commons leader, Jacob Rees-Mogg then appeared on the radio station […]

The Rise Of European Populism: Is Croatia The Rule Or Rhe Exception?

Perhaps with intention, the social democratic ideals have come to define Europe’s ongoing historical construction project by acting today as points of either—or both—national derision and ideological launch. The conundrum at hand at this particular historical moment, then, concerns epochal politics in Europe. Because one of the main pillars of […]

Human Rights Groups Criticize Greece For Controversial Asylum Law

The Greek government has passed a new asylum law to deal with its overflowing migrant camps, and many human rights groups are criticizing the move. According to the government’s civil protection minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, the new law proposes to speed up and ‘streamline’ the unwieldy process of seeking asylum in […]

How Will Britain’s Upcoming Elections Affect Brexit? 1

November 1st was supposed to mark the first day of Britain’s independence from the European Union. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had initially promised a definitive exit from the EU by October 31, with or without a deal. Much like past Brexit deadlines, this one has passed to no avail. Britain […]

39 People Found Dead In Lorry, Essex, U.K. 1

The bodies of 39 people were found in a refrigerated lorry container in Essex, U.K. on 23 October. They appear to have died whilst locked inside the back of the lorry in a case of suspected people smuggling, with this event becoming the worst such tragedy the U.K. has seen […]

Tensions In Catalonia Boil Over

Tensions in Catalonia have reached a peak over the past two weeks, following the jailing of nine pro-Catalan independence leaders. Spain’s Supreme Court handed down the decision on Monday, October 14, 2019, sentencing the leaders to prison time ranging from nine to 13 years. Spain had the leaders arrested for […]

Ever-Polarizing Political Climate In Spain Brings Catalan Protests Into Third Week

Nine- to thirteen-year prison sentences of Catalan separatist leaders, handed down last week by the Spanish Supreme Court, have sparked violent protests and unrest in Barcelona and other Catalan cities. The sentences have been long awaited since the leaders were arrested in 2017 for organizing a  referendum on Catalonia’s separation […]

Far-Right Party “Alternative für Deutschland” Makes Gains in Elections 1

Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), a far-right ring political group that has been steadily gaining momentum beat Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) party in elections on Saturday in the east German state of Thuringia. While taking 24 percent of the vote and doubling their previous standings, they still took second place […]