Current Events

Is The Future Of Humanitarian Aid Technological? 1

Last week, Wings for Aid, a charity co-funded by the Dutch Government, managed to successfully test using drones to provide humanitarian aid. 18 specially designed boxes were dropped from a height of 200m, including two boxes of raw eggs, and all remained intact. The implications of this are immense as […]

Asking The Big Question: Are Our Countries Really Doing Enough To Stop/Slow Down Climate Change?

For years, climate change was an issue that the majority of politicians around the world did not even acknowledge. It was put on the back burner because of other issues and crises that needed immediate attention. Now, it is a headlining article around the globe as world leaders now scramble […]

Lessons Learned From The Case Study Of Bolivia

The spiral of political instability in Bolivia is deepening down at a rapid rate. On 20 October, incumbent Evo Morales won 47.07% of the vote, securing himself another term as the President of Bolivia. However, doubts cast from the audit by the Organisation of American States mission of Electoral Observers saw […]

Seven Sentenced In The Murder Of Honduran Environmental Activist

Seven men were sentenced to between 30 to 50 years for the murder of Honduran indigenous environmentalist Berta Cáceres. In November 2018, a Honduran court ruled that her murder was ordered by executives of DESA, the company constructing the Agua Zarca dam. They found that this action was motivated by […]

Congolese Protest Against The UN Peacekeeping Mission MONUSCO

The people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.) are frustrated. Especially in the eastern providence of North Kivu, where problems are particularly high. The Congolese have endured decades of conflict and disease. According to Al Jazeera, the situation in the country is only getting worse as days go […]

The Failed Promises Of The Georgian Dream Party

A former Soviet republic turned democratic icon, Georgia, now sits on the precipice of a national crisis. Protests have rocked the capital over the past two weeks, following news that electoral reform failed in the Parliament, falling only 12 votes short of the necessary three-fourths majority. The reform, which was […]

Landslide Victory For Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Candidates Seen As First Step Towards Democracy

Hong Kong’s district council election results are a major win for pro-democracy advocates as many important pro-government figures lost their seats. The results, which came in last Monday morning, resulted in a landslide victory for democratic candidates. 2.94 million registered voters participated in this year’s council election—a staggering voter turnout […]

The Re-emerging Cold War: Russia Urges U.S. To Extend Nuclear Pact

Russia has proposed to the United States that the two nuclear superpowers extend their New START nuclear arms reduction treaty by five years, as its expiration date in 2021 approaches. The New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) was signed in 2010 under the Obama administration and is the last major […]

Mekong Fishing Communities Struggle With Hydroelectric Dams And Climate Change

Authorities of the Mekong River Commission met last Tuesday, November 25, 2019, to try to devise a common strategy to the crisis that has been developing in the Mekong River over the last few months. In Cambodia, record low waters have left thousands of people with almost no fish supply, […]

North Korea Threatens Japan With Bombs

Yet another threat has been made by North Korea to release its “super-large multiple-rocket launcher” bombs on an opposing country; in this instance, Japan. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un responded to statements from Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, criticising the number of missile launches reported from North Korea. Kim Jong-un […]