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Federal U.S. Agents Begin “Phased Withdrawal” Out Of Portland In A Backtrack By The Trump Administration

Marking a major government U-Turn, federal troops have begun to leave the city of Portland. The city has been shaken by over 60 days of protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, resulting in clashes with state and city police enforcement. These had been dwindling until images and videos […]

Vaccine Nationalism And Owing A Duty Of Care To Our Neighbors

‘Vaccine nationalism’ is a dangerous movement that threatens the world’s ability to end the pandemic. Vaccine nationalism is where rich countries pre-purchase COVID-19 vaccines for their citizens or restrict organizations’ ability to supply other nations. This behavior may make a future COVID-19 vaccine inaccessible to low income to medium-income countries. […]

New Wave Of Ethnic Violence Strikes In Nigeria

Dozens of Nigerians were killed over the course of several days this past week during targeted attacks against non-Muslim minorities. On July 19th and 20th, attacks were made by radical Muslims of Fulani ethnicity in southern Kaduna. A few days later, the attacks repeated, this time targeting the small village […]

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Call For Negotiations As Hostilities Continue On The Azerbaijani And Armenian Border

Between 12 and 14 July, fighting broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia, resulting in at least 16 deaths including a prominent Azeri general. Although clashes between these two countries are frequent, July’s conflict has been the most serious outbreak since a four-day war in 2016. Past conflicts between these countries […]

Coronavirus Pushing Millions Of Afghans Into Poverty

Afghanistan’s healthcare system is being overwhelmed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The virus is forcing millions of Afghanis into poverty as the country’s healthcare system becomes devastated with more and more victims. Along with the problems in the health care system, the coronavirus is also causing a food shortage in […]

Protesters Demand The Reopening Of Border Crossing Between Pakistan And Afghanistan

In the town of Chaman in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, violence between protesters and police has recently led to the deaths of at least four citizens and the wounding of twenty-eight others. The violence, which began on Thursday, is said to have begun as a result of the recent […]

Protests Erupt In Belarus After Pre-Election Crackdown On Political Activists

Police in Belarus have arbitrarily arrested journalists, bloggers, and political activists as part of a massive crackdown ahead of the August 9, 2020 presidential election. They also pressed charges against two potential candidates, Human Rights Watch reported Thursday. These arrests raise concerns regarding freedom of expression, particularly of the media. […]

Australian-British Academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert Moved To Inhumane Prison In Iran

Last week Kylie Moore-Gilbert, an Australian-British academic imprisoned by the Iranian government, has been moved to the remote women-only Qarchak prison in the Varamin neighbourhood of Tehran, 35km South East of the Iranian capital. The move comes after Moore-Gilbert refused to cooperate with the Iranian government when they offered her […]

Could The Urgency Of The Climate Crisis Become Lost In The Complex Circumstances Of British Domestic Politics?

British Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans of a “green recovery” in early July, which intends to simultaneously tackle the socio-economic impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the looming reality of climate breakdown within Britain. The plan consists of green investment into various state entities to facilitate the transition from […]

The Venezuelan Crisis Cannot Be Forgotten, As Its Hope Lies In International Intervention

The international community stood valiantly with Venezuela after socialist President Nicolás Maduro took office in 2015 and demanded the restoration of democratic rule. In recent years, however, the South American country has been crippled with soaring hyperinflation, electricity black-outs, and food shortages. Over 4.5 million Venezuelans have sought to live […]

Rise In Domestic Violence Worldwide Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

The UN has described the rise in domestic violence globally seen since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as ‘unprecedented’ and a ‘shadow pandemic’.  Lockdowns implemented in many countries have left women confined and isolated, making it difficult for them to report or escape domestic violence. The added stresses, tensions […]

Israeli And Hezbollah Forces Clash Again After Gunfire Exchanged Along Lebanese Border

The tension between Israel and Hezbollah has flared up again as the two groups reportedly exchanged gunfire on Monday, July 27th, 2020 along the Lebanese border. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), three to five Hezbollah soldiers crossed the border and entered Israeli territory by “a few meters” armed […]

Israel’s Annexation Of The West Bank – Will It Still Happen?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation deadline of July 1st came and went, having not received the green light from the U.S. administration. In January, President Trump announced a ‘deal of the century’, a Middle East peace plan that Palestinians deem to be constructed on Netanyahu’s desk. The […]

Suriname’s New President Has A Long Way To Go

On July 13th, Suriname elected opposition leader Chan Santokhi as their new president in an uncontested election, ending the decades-long struggle under Dési Bouterse. Former President Bouterse had previously been in power almost as long as Suriname has been an independent country, beginning his political career while the Dutch still […]

U.S-China Relationship Intensifies After The Shutdown Of Chinese Consulate In Houston

Tensions between the United States and China have significantly escalated after the Trump administration recently forced a Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas to shutdown.  The U.S. State Department officially ordered the closure of the consulate on July 21st, making the staff in the consulate immediately respond by burning and destroying […]

Poland Leaves Treaty Aimed At Preventing Violence Against Women

Poland is currently facing criticism after announcing its intentions to pull out of a pan-European convention combating violence against women. On Saturday, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced that Poland would begin to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, according to the state-run Polish Press Agency, primarily due to the convention violating […]