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U.S. Government Passes Bloated Two Trillion Dollar Stimulus For Coronavirus Crisis

On March 27th, 2020, the CARES Act was enacted into law by President Trump after passing both government chambers. This legislation, which is nearly two and a half times larger than the global recession stimulus package, authorises the government to spend two trillion dollars in various ways to ‘aid’ the […]

30 Million People In Lockdown: Nigerian Government Issues Sweeping Restrictions In Major Cities 1

Nearly four weeks after sub-Saharan Africa’s first COVID-19 case, the coronavirus has managed to halt yet another commercial hub. This time it is Nigeria, which has had to take unprecedented measures in order to combat this global pandemic. The lock-down in the continent’s most populous country began on Monday night […]

‘Twisted Priorities At The Heart Of Nuclear Weapons Spending’ – Follow The Call Of Former U.K. Commanders For Nuclear Cuts And Address COVID-19

  Despite the mounting threats and costs that the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the globe with, pro-military lobbying and government investments on nuclear weaponry persist unabatedly worldwide. However, in an uplifting attempt to curb the global wave of military prioritization, three former U.K. Royal Navy Commanders sent a letter to […]