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Secretary DeVos Pushes For School Reopenings Throughout The U.S.

United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has recently echoed President Trump’s intent to reopen public schools throughout the country, despite persistent concerns about the consequences such an action may have on the health and safety of American children.  Secretary DeVos first made mention of this reopening plan in a […]

West Papua Autonomy – Lies, Bullets And Murders

On July 4, 2020, the spokesperson for the National Committee of West Papua (KNB), Victor Yeimo repudiated a unilateral deliberation of the West Papua autonomy bill in Indonesia’s House of Representatives. Indigenous Papuans – the subject of this bill – were not included in the discussion. Sixteen groups in Papua […]

America First: How 2020 Will Shape The US

On Thursday of this past week, Presidential nominee Joe Biden unveiled his plan to revive the US economy from the fallout of the coronavirus-related recession with a pledge to “build back better.” In other words, he promised a vision of economic success, one that appears over-optimistic as we reach the […]

Britain Imposes New Sanctions Over Human Rights Abuses

Britain imposed sanctions on a group of foreign nationals for alleged human rights abuses last week as part of a new post-Brexit rights regime that follows the 2012 U.S. Magnitsky Act. Following the U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union in January, Downing Street regained the ability to individually impose sanctions, rather […]

The Embeddedness Of Institutional Racism In British Higher Education: David Starkey Resigns As Honorary Fellow Of Cambridge

The renowned British historian, David Starkey, was recently forced to resign from his position as honorary fellow of Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge University; a result of the appalling and racist views that he advocated regarding past colonial practices of the British Empire. Starkey’s controversial view of slavery resulted in widespread […]

Russian Journalist Escapes Jail Time As Public Pressure Continues To Rise

In a very politicized court case this week, a Russian judge may have set the foundation for a freer Russian media going forward. In the case of Svetlana Prokopyeva, a Russian freelance journalist for the United States funded company Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, was found guilty of justifying a recent […]

Polish President Proposes Constitutional Ban On LGBTQ Adoption Amid Close Election Race

On Monday, Polish President Andrzej Duda proposed an amendment to the Polish constitution that would bar same-sex couples from adopting children. The move comes as candidates for the upcoming presidential election are polling neck-and-neck. Rafał Trzaskowski, the candidate running against the Civic Platform (PO) party and incumbent President Duda, announced […]

Mississippi Votes To Strip Confederate Emblem From State Flag

On June 28th, 2020, Mississippi lawmakers successfully voted to remove the Confederate emblem from Mississippi’s state flag. The Confederate emblem is a symbol of former slave-owning states in the United States. Mississippi is the last state to feature the Confederate emblem on its flag. Both the state’s House of Representatives […]

Uncertain Peace In Ethiopia Following Deadly Protests, Officials Estimate Doubled Death Toll

Ethiopia’s government said on Sunday that over 166 people were killed in the course of anti-government protests that erupted in the country last week. The state’s capital and other protest hotspots remain under heavy guard by security forces. After the protests began, the government also instituted a blanket internet shutdown […]

Bolsonaro Being Sued After Removing Mask During Press Conference

The Brazilian Press Association has expressed plans to file a lawsuit in Brazil’s Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro after the president removed his mask during a press conference on Tuesday, possibly exposing members of the media to COVID-19. The association, known as ABI which advocates for Brazilian journalists, alleged […]

A Meal Deal Over A New Deal? A View On The U.K. Chancellor’s Summer Statement

The U.K. Chancellor for the Exchequer Rishi Sunak yesterday unveiled a £30 billion pound summer economic package, in an attempt to help reboot the British economy during the Coronavirus pandemic. This so-called “mini-budget” includes a job retention bonus for employers after the government’s job retention scheme ends in October, a […]

A New Approach To Conflict Resolution In Somalia

Five people are dead, and 10 have been injured from a land mine detonated in a restaurant in Baidoa on July 4th. This has happened after al-Shabab claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing carried out last month on a Turkish military base in Mogadishu. An armed vehicle sped through a […]

Protests Sparked By Killing Of Oromo Singer Hachalu Hundessa Reignite Tensions In Ethiopia 2

Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa, 34, was killed on June 29th. He was shot at his home in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, and later died in hospital from his sustained injuries. Two suspects were detained at the scene but have not been charged. He had previously received death threats, but the […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Months Of Mismanagement

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro tested positive for COVID-19 this week, after months of undermining the severity of the global pandemic. Speaking to a small group of reporters, a mask-wearing Bolsonaro confirmed he contracted the coronavirus. He stated, “There’s no reason for fear… Life goes on. I thank God for my […]

What ICE’s Latest Policy For International Students Says About Trump And His Motive For Reopening College 1

With the next academic year due to begin shortly, students around the world are eagerly awaiting to see how their education will continue in the fall. However, for international students attending college in the United States, the remainder of the summer holiday will likely include even more anxiety and distress, […]