Current Events

Portland Rally: Far-Right Extremist Group Vow To March Each Month To Declare Antifa As A Domestic Terrorist Organisation

On Saturday, 500 far-right supporters traveled from around the country to Portland, Oregon, organised by leaders in the ‘western chauvinist’ Proud Boys fraternity, marching to ‘end domestic terrorism’– reports the Guardian. This demonstration was the largest the county has seen of the Trump era, with the Proud boys group rubbing […]

National Livelihood On The Line As Pacific Islands Speak Out Against Australia’s Fossil Fuel Reliance

Pacific Island nations’ futures are increasingly threatened by human contributions to climate change. Last week, 18 members of the Pacific Islands Forum met to discuss pressing national issues. The regional summit saw tension between Australian leadership and smaller Pacific island governments on issues of climate change, fossil fuel reliance, and […]

Cameroon Military Court Sentences Anglophone Separatist Leaders To Life Imprisonment

A military court in Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé has sentenced 10 Anglophone separatist leaders to life imprisonment after an overnight court session which started on Monday, August 19 and ended in the early hours of Tuesday, August 20. The 10, including the self-declared President of Ambazonia Republic which encompasses Anglophone territories […]

Far Right Extremist Group Rallies In Portland, Oregon; Trump Threatens Counter-Protestors

Saturday, 18th August saw the latest in a series of flashpoints for extremist right-wing gatherings in the city of Portland, Oregon with members of the hate group ‘Proud Boys’ rallying in the Streets. Roughly 500 members of the group attended the Portland rally on this occasion, with an estimated 1200 […]

U.A.E.-Backed Yemeni Separatists Seize Aden, Driving Out Saudi-Backed Hadi Government

In the week of 7 August, the Yemeni separatist group Southern Transitional Council seized Aden, the temporary capital of Yemen. This event occurred following four days of fighting with Yemeni governmental forces, threatening a rift between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, backers of the STC and the Yemeni […]