Crisis Index

Colombian Civil War

Overview From the Colony, Colombia inherited two features that catalysed violence: deep land access inequality and profound political fragmentation. The civil war between the Colombian Government and FARC has been ongoing since 1964, when the rebel group was founded. Small farmers and land workers, with a liberal vision, banded together […]

Jammu and Kashmir Territorial Dispute

Overview Conflict in the Jammu and Kashmir region has been ongoing since 1947, when British India became two secular states, Pakistan (Muslim majority) and India (Hindu majority). Kashmir is a Muslim majority region whose leader chose to join India rather than Pakistan, which was widely unpopular with the Kashmiri population. […]

European Migrant Crisis

Overview In 2015, for the first time, the total number of refugees around the world stretched to over 65 million people. This amounts to nearly 25 people fleeing every single minute. Strikingly, over half of the total number of refugees in 2015 arrived predominately from 3 sole countries: Afghanistan, Somalia […]

Crisis in Catalonia

Overview On the 27th October 2017, an unofficial resolution was passed in the Spanish region of Catalonia by its regional president Carles Puigdemont, which sought to declare the region of Catalonia independent from Spain. Catalonia – a region hosting around 7.5 million people – possesses its own unique language, culture […]

North Korea

Overview Human Rights Watch has called North Koreans “some of the world’s most brutalized people” due to restrictions against their political and economic freedoms. North Korea has strained international relationships with many countries, including South Korea, with whom many attempts at reunion of the states have been made, all resulting […]