Crisis Index

Destruction Of Cultural Heritage Is Not Only A War Crime, But An Attack On Humankind’s Shared Memory

A joint report by the Gerda Herkel Foundation and the Syrian Society for the Protection of Antiquities has revealed severe damage to Syria’s heritage sites and antiquities. The report, compiled by the Syrian archaeologist and academic Cheikhmous Ali, monitored 55 Syrian institutions since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War […]

“Threatened By A Kangaroo Court”: The Meaning Of U.S. Sanctions Against The ICC

In an incendiary move announced by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on June 11th, the U.S. has imposed economic and legal sanctions on International Criminal Court (ICC) officials. These officials are those who are part of an ICC investigation of war crimes committed in Afghanistan by Taliban, Afghan, and […]

Libya’s Government Wins The Day In Tripoli, But A Larger Conflict Remains

The forces of the military-dictator Khalifa Haftar retreated from the town of Tarhuna last Thursday, their last stronghold in the Western reaches of Libya. With it comes the end of the fifteen month siege of the Libyan Capital of Tripoli where the internationally-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) is based. […]

European Backed Migration Reform In Libya Denies Human Rights And Perpetuates Human Trafficking 

Earlier this month, a warehouse full of imprisoned migrants in Libya came under fire, killing 30 and injuring ten. The killers were allegedly seeking revenge over an altercation that occurred a few weeks earlier in which a migrant supposedly killed a smuggler. The warehouse was in the city of Mizada […]

Netanyahu’s Late Response To Police Killing Of Autistic Palestinian Man

Over a week after Israeli police shot and killed an unarmed autistic Palestinian in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the killing a “tragedy”. Iyad al-Halak, 32, was on his way to a special needs institution when he was shot dead by police in Jerusalem’s Old City on May […]

Millions Of Lives Under Immediate Threat As Yemeni Humanitarian Aid Faces Cuts In Funding

The United Nations warned on Wednesday that Yemen faces a severe lack of funding for its humanitarian response to its ongoing war, as well as for COVID-19, putting millions of lives at major risk. After an online “pledging event” hosted by the UN last Tuesday, only $1.35 billion was raised, […]

India And Australia Strengthen Military Partnership Through Signing Of Various Agreements

India and Australia have progressed interstate relations after signing a bundle of military agreements through virtual summit on Thursday. Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Scott Morrison employed two bilateral pacts for the “deepening of the defense relationship” between the nations as tensions increase in the Indo-Pacific region. One of the […]

June UN Human Right Report Demands Response To Violations In The Philippines’ War On Drugs

On June 4th, The UN High Commissioner of Human Rights released a scathing report on the human rights violations present in the Philippines’ war on drugs. The report called for an immediate and independent domestic investigation into widespread allegations of unlawful civilian killings and severe violations of international human rights […]

Mass Producing War

Russia strengthened its position in Syria and Libya this week, challenging U.S. interests in the Mediterranean. In Syria, Russia is poised to sign a 49-year agreement giving the Kremlin free control over the coastal airbase at Himeymin. That’s in addition to the naval facility at Tartus and the newly acquired […]

First Russian Airstrikes Since March Ceasefire Hit Northwest Syria

Russian airstrikes have been reported in northwest Syria, targeting the last major rebel-held territory in the region. These strikes mark a departure from a ceasefire that came into effect in March concerning the region. As such, the air raids were the first to have occurred in three months. While no […]

Is July 1st The Date The Map Of The Middle East Is Redrawn?

On Monday the 1st of June an article appeared in the Jerusalem Post that should have given shivers of concern to anyone with a desire in upholding international law. The article in question claims new Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz had instructed the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) to prepare for […]

Ivorian, Burkina Troops Kill Eight Jihadists Near Border

Sunday, May 24, eight suspected jihadists were killed and another 38 captured in the first joint military operation between Burkinabe and Ivorian forces near the border of Burkina Faso and The Ivory Coast. Defense One reported Monday that the captured men — 24 in Burkina Faso and 14 in Ivory […]

First Iranian Gas Tanker Reaches Venezuela

An Iran oil tanker reached Venezuela on May 23. The U.S. has sanctions on both countries and the arrival of the tanker has brought up questions of U.S. intervention. The Iranian tankers hold enough gasoline to supply Venezuela for two to three weeks. Even though Venezuela has the world’s largest […]

Journalists Face Death Penalty in Yemen

On April 11 2020, four journalists were sentenced to death by the Houthi-led rebel Government in Yemen. The journalists were convicted of spying and “broadcasting rumours, fake news, and statements in support of the enemy Saudi Arabia.” The situation has attracted an outpouring of concern from over 150 non-governmental groups, […]

Russia Supplies Combat Jets To LNA As Wagner Forces Fly Out Of Tripoli

On May 25th 2020, an estimated 1,500 Wagner Group forces (Russian mercenary group) flew out of Tripoli, after General Haftar’s Libyan National Army’s (LNA) withdrew from the capital city. Two days later, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) announced that Russia deployed 14 MiG 29 and SU-24 fighter planes to Libya, […]

The Humanitarian Crisis In The Arab World’s Poorest Country

A multilayered humanitarian crisis has reached its tipping point in Yemen. The civil war between the internationally recognised government and the Houthi rebel forces has been ongoing since 2015. It has since devolved into a full blown proxy war between the Saudi led coalition and the Houthis, which are said […]

Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen Reaching Breaking Point As Aid Agencies Call for Urgent Funding Amid COVID-19 Threat

This week, the World Food Programme (WFP) and other aid agencies have warned that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is reaching a ‘breaking point’ as COVID-19 spreads, putting millions of vulnerable civilians at risk. The WFP stated on Tuesday that the health system in the country may not be able […]

U.S. Envoy Holds Talks With Afghan And Taliban Officials

Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States special representative for Afghanistan, left for Doha and Kabul in pursuit of peace talks with Taliban and Afghan officials regarding the United States’ military presence in Afghanistan, according to the U.S. State Department. Khalilzad departed on Sunday, May 17th, after the Afghan president and the […]