Crisis Index

Northern Mozambique Insurgency

Overview As the world focuses on the dangerous insurgencies perpetrated by Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab, in southern Africa, a slow-growing insurgency has emerged in Northern Mozambique. Currently, the insurgency is concentrated in Cabo Delgado Province, with Mocimboa da Praia, Palma, Montepuez, and Macomia districts most affected. Like with other Islamist […]

The Philippine War on Drugs

Overview The Philippine War on Drugs refers to the violence inflicted upon suspected drug affiliates by President Roberto Duterte’s administration who believe in eradication over rehabilitation. Since his inauguration in June 2016, thousands of people have been killed by police in drug raids, and by unnamed vigilante killers who are rumoured […]

Kurdish Fight for Independence

Overview The Kurds are a group of stateless people, united by race, living in the Middle East between numerous countries, with most of the population residing in Turkey. Kurdistan, the proposed Kurdish state, inhabited by the Kurdish people, runs across the borders of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Armenia. Kurdistan […]

War on Terror

Overview In 2001, American President George W. Bush declared The War on Terror following the events of 9/11; one of the most successfully orchestrate mass terror attacks in American history, killing 2996 civilians. The War on Terror varies from most other wars due to its non-discrimination, transnational nature. While other wars have […]

Crisis in Venezuela

Overview Beginning in 2012, Venezuela began to sink into an economic crisis that was fuelled by poor government management of the economy and was worsened by a sharp drop in oil prices in 2015. Amongst other issues, this resulted in reduced spending on social welfare programs, that had previously been […]

War in Ukraine

Overview In 2004, mass protests took place in Ukraine to overthrow pro-Russia president Viktor Yanukovych. Described as the ‘Orange Revolution’, the protests successfully enabled the pro-Western candidate Viktor Yushchenko into power. In response, Russia limited gas supplies to Ukraine and, in addition to the global financial crisis, depleted the value […]

War in Afghanistan

Overview Although Afghanistan has been in a state of conflict since 1978, this page will examine the ‘War in Afghanistan’ that began in September 2001, after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Whilst the conflict has a significant combatant death toll, Afghan civilians are among those primarily affected, with many attacks […]

Saudi Arabia-Iran Proxy War

Overview The Middle East has always been a region where world powers jockeyed for power and influence. More recently, regional middle-sized powers have started to also attempt to carve out influence for themselves, at the expense of one another. The country in the Middle East that has always enjoyed sizeable […]

The Arab Spring

Overview The Arab Spring was and remains one of the most consequential and magnanimous geopolitical tectonic shifts in the Middle East region in recent memory. The Arab Spring began in 2011, and at the time that it began, the leaders of the states that comprise the Middle East region had […]

Libyan Civil War

Overview The Libyan Civil War is a direct consequence of the power vacuum created following the death of the long-time strong man of Africa, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011. Since all opposition groups were oppressed for decades, the power shift presented an opportunity for both moderate and extremist factions to […]