What We Must Be Cautious Of After Coronavirus

Australia’s economic reliance on China has revealed itself to be a weakness in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis. Throughout the early 2000s, Chinese economic growth brought with it the conventional wisdom that liberalisation, openness and freedom would permeate the authoritarian regime controlling China. However, this did not happen. […]

A Halt To Admittance: Foreign Nationals Under Restrictions

President Trump has released a new proclamation forbidding foreign nationals to enter the country if they have been in Brazil at any time in the 14 days preceding their entry attempt. As we well know, these restrictions follow previously dictated stay-at-home and face-covering orders throughout the nation, as America continues […]

COVID-Positive Deportees Contaminate U.S.-Guatemalan Relations

Last Thursday, Guatemalan president, Alejandro Giammattei became the first Central American leader to criticize the United States’ deportation policy amidst the coronavirus pandemic. American deportees have contributed over a hundred new names to Guatemala’s list of infected. The new arrivals, Giammattei says, cause “serious problems” for an already struggling healthcare […]

Mozambique Faces Human Rights Crisis From Government And Insurgents

On May 19th the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Troika on Politics, Defense and Security Cooperation met to discuss the “security situation” in Mozambique’s northernmost province, Cabo Delgado. The province faces a shadowy insurgent group, known locally as “al-Shabab” or “Ahlu Sunna Wa-Jama” (ASWJ). The group has committed 350 attacks […]

U.K. Government Must Pay Greater Attention To The Deaf Experience Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

The charity Action on Hearing Loss (AOHL) has warned the U.K. government that 900,000 people in Britain who are profoundly D/deaf face a drastic loss of communicative ability if face masks are made compulsory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The British government has repeatedly failed to take into account the […]

Why The Western System Of COVID-19 Response Won’t Work In Africa

Confirmed Coronavirus cases have reached over 100,000 in Africa. According to the Africa Center of Regional Studies, the first case of COVID-19 in Africa was reported on February 15th, two months after the virus was initially identified in China. The spread of the pandemic in Africa has been relatively slow […]

Cyclone Amphan And COVID-19: Mass Destruction In South Asia

Cyclone Amphan has pummelled India and Bangladesh and continues to leave a trail of mass destruction and chaos as the two countries attempt to recover. As of May 23rd, at least 106 deaths were confirmed. As per disaster management officials, 80 are from the Indian states of West Bengal and […]

The World Health Organization Discusses Reviewing Coronavirus Response

The World Health Organization held a meeting on Monday to discuss reviewing the global coronavirus response. Chinese President Xi Jinping also announced that for two years, China will donate $2 billion to the W.H.O in aid. Official English translation of President Xi’s statement said that, “China will provide 2 billion […]

Iran Calling For Global Solidarity During Pandemic

Iran called for global solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday, saying that U.S. sanctions are “inhumane” and causing “unnecessary suffering and pain”. U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran have not only made Iran suffer economically, but they have also restricted access to vital medicine for Iranians. According to a 2019 report […]

Qatar Mandates Citizens To Install Intrusive Coronavirus Tracking App Amidst Rising Privacy And Surveillance Concerns

Following in the footsteps of China, Israel, Armenia, and Russia; Qatar has now resorted to a coronavirus tracking app to contain the virus though it is at the cost of its residents’ privacy rights. “All citizens and residents are obliged to install the Ehteraz app on smartphones when leaving the […]

Trump To Permanently Defund WHO Unless ‘Major Substantive Improvements’ Are Made

Last month, Donald Trump shocked world leaders and health experts after announcing his intention to cut American funding to the World Health Organization (WHO). Speaking before reporters at a White House press briefing on April 14th, Trump accused the WHO of “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the […]