An Exchange Of Bilateral Dialogue Between Two Adversarial States: A Case Study For A World In Crisis

Last weekend, foreign ministers representing Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) held a rare meeting to discuss “bilateral, regional and global situations,” including the COVID-19 crisis. The meeting, which was done over video call due to the pandemic, included an exchange of greetings between both parties in celebration of […]

Demonstrations Against Police Brutality Suppressed by Cuban Authorities, reports Human Rights Watch.

A peaceful protest against police brutality that was due to take place on the 30th June in Havana, Cuba’s capital, was effectively suppressed by government authorities. This was achieved through the use of harassment and intimidation methods that violated the would-be protestors’ human rights, Human Rights Watch reports.   The […]

Protesters Demand The Reopening Of Border Crossing Between Pakistan And Afghanistan

In the town of Chaman in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, violence between protesters and police has recently led to the deaths of at least four citizens and the wounding of twenty-eight others. The violence, which began on Thursday, is said to have begun as a result of the recent […]

Rise In Domestic Violence Worldwide Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

The UN has described the rise in domestic violence globally seen since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as ‘unprecedented’ and a ‘shadow pandemic’.  Lockdowns implemented in many countries have left women confined and isolated, making it difficult for them to report or escape domestic violence. The added stresses, tensions […]

Israel’s Annexation Of The West Bank – Will It Still Happen?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation deadline of July 1st came and went, having not received the green light from the U.S. administration. In January, President Trump announced a ‘deal of the century’, a Middle East peace plan that Palestinians deem to be constructed on Netanyahu’s desk. The […]

Polio vaccination in Pakistan

As Pakistan’s COVID Curve Flattens, Healthcare Workers Shift Focus To Polio

With COVID-19 still threatening the lives of people all over the world, this week Pakistan made the difficult decision to continue to administer Polio vaccinations, with an ambitious goal of reaching 800,000 Pakistani children in under one week. COVID-19 has affected Pakistan perhaps more severely than the other countries in […]

Florida Teachers Lay A Lawsuit On Governor DeSantis

Florida’s largest teaching union, the Florida Education Association, has filed a lawsuit against state governor Ron DeSantis over plans to reopen schools in August. DeSantis, along with Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, gave an emergency order July 6th mandating all schools to fully reopen come the new school year. The suit […]

A dark and empty classroom.

Children Seeking Asylum Detained In Hotels By Trump Administration

As a further development of increasingly hostile U.S. immigration policies, it has been found that the Trump administration has been detaining young migrant children in hotels, before they are expelled from the country. The children are held for as long as several weeks on end, with some as young as […]

Another Story Of Inequality: The Mental Health Toll Of The U.K.’s Coronavirus Lockdown

Survey findings released this week by University College London reveal that a fifth of vulnerable people in the United Kingdom considered self-harming or killing themselves during the country’s coronavirus lockdown. These findings come as multiple mental health charities and official bodies are warning of a “tsunami” of new patients requesting […]

The Future Of The United Kingdom Economy: A Green New Deal Or A Return To Austerity?

Just over a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the UK faces a new economic crisis – this time emanating not from de-regulated financial institutions, but the severe economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We stand on the precipice with an already fragile economy facing an economic contraction on a […]

Three stacks of coins. Each has a plant sprig growing out of it.

Lessons About Climate Change From The COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic is, without a doubt, the defining event of 2020. Every country in the world has experienced dramatic changes in everyday life and faced one of the worst economic crises in their history. A few months ago, most people considered the idea of lockdown, with its tremendous […]

Workers in a Bangladeshi garment factory.

Bangladesh’s Labor Force Narrative Must Change

As COVID-19 continues to cripple the world economy, Bangladesh’s garment industry suffers exponentially. Clothing has been Bangladesh’s key export division and primary source of foreign exchange for the last two decades. However, many claim the country’s mounting dependence on the industry continues to serve as a double-edged sword. Experts say […]

Secretary DeVos Pushes For School Reopenings Throughout The U.S.

United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has recently echoed President Trump’s intent to reopen public schools throughout the country, despite persistent concerns about the consequences such an action may have on the health and safety of American children.  Secretary DeVos first made mention of this reopening plan in a […]

America First: How 2020 Will Shape The US

On Thursday of this past week, Presidential nominee Joe Biden unveiled his plan to revive the US economy from the fallout of the coronavirus-related recession with a pledge to “build back better.” In other words, he promised a vision of economic success, one that appears over-optimistic as we reach the […]

Bolsonaro Being Sued After Removing Mask During Press Conference

The Brazilian Press Association has expressed plans to file a lawsuit in Brazil’s Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro after the president removed his mask during a press conference on Tuesday, possibly exposing members of the media to COVID-19. The association, known as ABI which advocates for Brazilian journalists, alleged […]