Turkey Backing Jihadist Militias

The offensive perpetrated by the Turkish Military Forces against the Kurdish Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) launched on 9 October 2019 has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the region and given extensive support to Islamic militias. Since this invasion, various news organizations have reported that the Turkish effort to create a […]

Turkey Says Kurdish YPG Has Not Fully Withdrawn From Syrian Border

Two U.S.-backed sides are at odds as a crucial deadline determining Syria’s future actions towards Kurdish forces comes close. The YPG has been occupying a strip of territory along the Turkish-Syrian border and has been ordered by both Turkish and Russian officials to evacuate by 6 p.m. local time on […]

Despite A Withdrawal Announcement, The United States Remains In Syria To Secure The Oil

President Donald Trump proclaimed on 28 October, during a press conference announcing the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi, that the United States military would be holding onto Syrian oilfields until further notice.  While this development is not surprising, given his lambasting of President Bush for not taking Iraq’s oil after […]

What Does Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Death Mean for ISIL?

ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed on Sunday as a result of a raid by U.S. Special Operations Forces in northern Syria. The leader of the Islamic State was cornered when he triggered an explosive suicide vest that killed himself and three of his children. He was quickly identified […]

Lebanese Protests Enter Tenth Day

Protests in Lebanon have continued into their tenth day, despite calls from the government for the people to desist. Riot police have been called in to try to defuse the situation in Beirut, as demonstrators have clashed with pro-Hezbollah supporters in the capital. Over one million people have taken to […]

Putin’s Visit To Saudi Arabia Marks Russia’s Growing Influence In The Middle East

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh on Monday, marking his first state visit to the country in over a decade and signalling Russia’s growing influence in the Middle East. Putin has only made one other trip to Riyadh, in 2007, and Saudi King Salman bin […]

U.S. And Turkey Reach Ceasefire Agreement In Syria

On Thursday, a week after Trump decided to remove U.S. troops from Syria to clear the way for a Turkish military operation, Vice President Mike Pence announced that the U.S. and Turkey had agreed to a ceasefire in northeastern Syria. This announcement came after five hours of talks between Vice […]

Fear And Loathing As Democratic Candidates Debate Foreign Policy

At the fourth round of presidential debates for the Democratic Party, held on October 15th, candidates finally weighed in on some foreign policy issues.  Recently, as President Trump announced the withdrawal of military personnel from Syria, debate, or rather a unification of positions, occurred around this development.  Russian election interference […]

Trump’s Removal Of U.S. Military Forces From North-eastern Syria: The Implications Of Impulsive Decision-making

Last weekend, President Trump announced that he would retract one thousand troops from north-eastern Syria, where the U.S. military fought ISIL with the Kurdish-run Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for five years. The retraction welcomes Ankara’s long-planned offensive to set up a thirty-two-kilometre “safe-zone” past Turkey’s shared border with north-eastern Syria, […]

Amidst A Tenuous Ceasefire In North-eastern Syria, Conflict Continues

The situation in north-eastern Syria continues to worsen amidst a temporary ceasefire. The ceasefire, reached on Thursday, calls for the withdrawal of Kurdish fighters from an area of land that runs 30km into Syria and spans 440km of the Turkish-Syrian border. If this has not occurred by Tuesday, Turkey will […]