Israel To Delay Annexation Of West Bank

Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, a process that was expected to begin on July 1st, has been delayed. Under the coalition agreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former military chief of staff Benny Gantz, Mr. Netanyahu was allowed to start annexation as long as the move had the […]

Tension Between Fallacy And Truth: The Case Of MP Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Departure From The Labour Party In British Politics

On June 25th, the U.K. Shadow Education Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, was requested to step down from her position by the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer. Long-Bailey had retweeted an interview with British actress Maxine Peak on Twitter that included a statement claiming that tactics used by U.S. police forces […]

Palestinians Fear Israel To Further Limit Access To Dead Sea

Palestinians fear that the Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank will further limit access to the beautiful and lucrative Dead Sea. In May, Israel announced plans to recognize most of the Israeli settlements on already occupied Palestinian land, specifically about 30% of the West Bank, as officially part […]

The U.S.-Israeli Relationship Under President Trump: Settler Colonial Expansion Enforced By Collaborative Practices In Police-State Violence

From the 1st of July, plans to annex illegal Israeli territories in occupied Palestine – including the Golan Heights and parts of the West Bank – are intended to go ahead in coordination with U.S. support under the Trump administration. The Israeli Minister of Settlement Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely, recently announced […]

Peace To Prosperity: Netanyahu Moves To Annex The West Bank

“We don’t know what are the plans regarding the rights of the Palestinians residing in these territories,” said Tamar Hermann, a public opinion analyst at the Israel Democracy Institute. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is maintaining the timeline to annex parts of the West Bank and thus expand Israel’s sovereignty over […]

Netanyahu’s Late Response To Police Killing Of Autistic Palestinian Man

Over a week after Israeli police shot and killed an unarmed autistic Palestinian in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the killing a “tragedy”. Iyad al-Halak, 32, was on his way to a special needs institution when he was shot dead by police in Jerusalem’s Old City on May […]

Is July 1st The Date The Map Of The Middle East Is Redrawn?

On Monday the 1st of June an article appeared in the Jerusalem Post that should have given shivers of concern to anyone with a desire in upholding international law. The article in question claims new Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz had instructed the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) to prepare for […]

Who Will the Middle East Peace Plan Really Grant Peace?

France is reportedly urging European Union diplomats to threaten Israel with a tough response if the country goes ahead with plans to annex parts of the West Bank, EU diplomats told Reuters. In addition, they said other countries, including Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg, also want to discuss inflicting punishment in […]

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Visits Israel To Discuss Peace Plan 1

Latest Developments Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Israel on May 13th for a brief eight hour visit. Despite Israel’s strict lockdown, Pompeo met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his new governing partner, Benjamin Gantz to discuss President Trump’s Peace to Prosperity […]

Michigan Congressional Candidate Stands With Palestinians

Solomon Rajput is a 27-year-old University of Michigan medical student, though he is currently on leave from his studies to pursue a run for office. He is the son of Pakistani immigrants and a proud product of the public school system. The 2016 presidential election marked his first real political […]

Trump’s Plans For The Middle East

In February, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his Middle East plan that had been in negotiations for a long time. This was, however, done without the input and approval of the Palestinians, who in 2018 ended their relationship with the Trump Administration after the recognition of Jerusalem as the “undivided […]

Israel Closes Off Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox Areas To Stem Coronavirus Spread

The most densely populated areas in Israel are those where the country’s ultra-Orthodox citizens reside. Subsequently, the rate of infection of the coronavirus is also high in these areas. This past Sunday, Israel’s government made a decision to lock down these areas, in order to contain the coronavirus spread. In […]

Secretary-General Reiterates Appeal for Global Ceasefire

In a public statement by Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, on March 23rd, states and non-state actors around the world were called upon to lay down their arms in the face of the growing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Before a sombre international press conference, he declared, “The virus does not care […]

Guterres Calls For ‘Massive International Support’ For Sudan

Last Sunday, at the 33rd African Union summit in Addis Abba, Ethiopia, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres outlined goals and obstacles for the continent in achieving the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Paramount in those efforts is the Silencing the Guns initiative, the primary […]

Israel Lobbies US To Recognise Moroccan Sovereignty In Western Sahara

Israel is pushing for the U.S. to recognise Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara territory in exchange for the normalisation of Moroccan-Israeli relations. The proposed trilateral agreement has been under consideration since at least September 2018, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser […]

Trump Unveils Peace-Less Plan For The Middle East

On Tuesday evening, U.S. President Donald Trump unveiled his ‘peace to prosperity plan’ for the Middle East; by Wednesday morning, Trump had united world opinion, in near-consensus, that the ‘deal of the century’ would never work. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas immediately dismissed the plan, telling a press conference in Ramallah: […]

Netanyahu Criminally Indicted On Corruption Charges After Dropping Immunity Request

On Tuesday January 28th 2020, Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on three separate corruption cases, becoming Israel’s first Prime Minister to be criminally charged while holding office. Attorney General Avichai Mandelbilt formally submitted the indictment after Netanyahu withdrew his request for parliamentary immunity, a move which Al-Monitor’s Akiva Eldar claimed was […]