North Korea

North Korea Withdraws From Added Military Pressure On The South

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, has decided to suspend its plans to increase military pressure on its southern neighbor, the Republic of Korea, as ties between the two countries have deteriorated since early June.  The decision comes after a meeting between Supreme Leader Kim […]

Relations To Worsen Between North And South Korea

On June 16, North Korea blew up a liaison office and de-facto South Korean embassy that represented the détente between the two countries. North Korean officials, including Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, who is believed to follow her brother as the leader of North Korea after his death, justified their […]

North Korean Leader’s Sister, Kim Yo Jung, Threatens South Korea With Ominous Military Actions Amidst New Tensions

Seoul, South Korea, held an emergency security meeting on Sunday after Kim Yo Jung, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, threatened to use military action against South Korea amidst escalating tensions between the two countries.  Kim warned that Seoul would witness a “tragic scene of the North-South liaison […]

Much Ado About Korea

The Situation So Far What is going on with Kim Jong-Un? That’s the question on the mind of every world leader and political analyst across the globe. And it’s a good question to be asking. When the head of a rogue nuclear state goes missing, it should raise the alarm […]

Concerns Grow Over North Korean Leader’s Health

Late on Monday the 20th of April, South Korea-based website Daily NK reported that Kim Jong Un was recovering from a cardiovascular operation. Since then, rumours have been swirling about his condition. Various media organisations throughout the world have reported a multitude of possibilities, with some sources even claiming that […]

Washington Congressional Candidate Runs On Peace 1

It is not every day you hear of a 26 year old socialist, trucker, and TikTok star running for the United States House of Representatives. Indeed, Joshua Collins is not your ordinary political candidate. Nonetheless, the outspoken millennial and self-proclaimed “CEO of socialism” is running as a Democrat to represent […]

Amidst Global Pandemic, North Korea Attempts To Project Strength

On Saturday 21 March, while the rest of the world sought to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, North Korea continued in its attempts to project strength to the world. The rogue state fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, drawing […]

What Does Denuclearizing The Korean Peninsula Actually Mean?

On Monday March 9th, North Korea “fired at least three unidentified projectiles,” over the Sea of Japan. These projectiles were detected by South Korea’s Defense Ministry, who reported that each “had a maximum flight distance of 200 kilometers (124 miles) and maximum altitude of 50 kilometers (31 miles).” The ministry […]

Kim Jong Un Urges ‘Positive and Offensive’ Security Measures Ahead of Year-End Deadline

Ahead of a year-end deadline posed by North Korea to engage in new denuclearization talks, leader Kim Jong Un urged the United States to pursue ‘positive and offensive’ security measures. According to Reuters, Kim Jong Un is expected to make a speech on New Year’s Day advocating for a “new […]

In Attempt To Improve Peace Efforts, U.S., South Korea Postpone Military Drills

On Sunday 17 November, the United States and South Korea announced that they would be postponing upcoming joint military drills. Representatives from the two nations hope that doing so will bolster peace efforts in the region. However, the move has already been criticized, with many commentators concerned that the Trump […]

North Korea Launches New Missiles As Negotiations Set To Begin With United States

  News of another ominous development in the tenuous diplomatic situation on the Korean Peninsula arrived Wednesday. According to National Public Radio, North Korea test-launched a new ballistic missile from the port city of Wonsan, towards the south. The missile was reported to have landed within the Sea of Japan, […]

North Korea Releases Detained Australian Student

Alek Sigley, who went missing in North Korea last week, has been “released and safe” as declared by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The 29-year-old Australian was reported missing in late June but was freed on Thursday after Swedish officials in Pyongyang met with the North Korean government. According to […]

Trump-style Diplomacy With North Korea Has Failed – Here’s What Actual Diplomacy Could Achieve

In Donald Trump’s recent meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to step across the North Korean border. This encounter is the third between the two leaders in just over one year, but the increased diplomacy has not seen positive results. During […]