Middle East

UNESCO World Heritage Site Under Fire in Yemen

Earlier this month, The Southern Transitional Council (STC) captured the remote Island of Socotra, 350 miles east of Somalia. The ancient island is the largest of four islands in the archipelago corridor of Yemen, famed for  unparalleled biodiversity and mystical landscape. Socotra is referenced in several historical texts – including […]

No Peace Without Women – Ending The Cycle Of Conflict In Afghanistan

On 24 June, the head of Kabul’s negotiation team, Abdullah Abdullah expressed concern over an increase in violence by the Taliban, stating that it presents a challenge in starting peace talks with the group. This development follows a week during which hundreds of security force personnel have been killed in […]

U.S. Tightens Syrian Sanctions Through The Caesar Act

In a sweeping move earlier this week, the United States officially imposed a new round of sanctions on the Syrian government—effectively cutting off the already war-torn country from the world economy. The legislation that made this possible, the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, was named in honour of a Syrian […]

Migrant Workers Building World Cup Stadium In Qatar Unpaid For Seven Months

Amnesty International last week revealed that up to 100 migrant workers employed by design and construction company Qatar Meta Coats (QMC) have been working on a construction project for a FIFA World Cup stadium in Qatar without pay for the last seven months. The workers have also not had their […]

Military Drones: Geopolitical Toys Or The Replacement For Boots On The Ground?

When one thinks of drones, images of an American MQ-9 Reaper drone flying over somewhere in the Middle East are often the first to appear in one’s mind. The reality is that the global market for defence drones is far wider-reaching. Last week, I wrote about the Trump administration’s push […]

Iran Calls On U.S. To Stop Violence Against Its Own People

Iran has called upon the United States to stop violence against its own citizens amid worldwide police brutality protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.  Floyd, a black man, was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25th, after the officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine […]

Tents Are Tents, Homes Are Homes: A Plea To The International Community For Refugees

The global migration rate keeps increasing and solutions to resolve conflicts seem to be fewer or unknown. Refugees migrate into different countries using treacherous routes. When their lives are spared, some countries have helped with the support of the UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations to provide tents. These people spend […]

Yemen Is Hurtling Towards A Human Catastrophe – Appealing To Western Self-Interest Is The Only Way To Avert It

A spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has, this week, warned that 24 million Yemenis are in “a race against time” to survive. This comes as Yemen’s healthcare system is beginning to collapse due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and UN aid to the country is running […]

Yemen’s Children Deserve Better: The UN’s ‘List of Shame’

On 15th of June, the United Nations removed Saudi forces from their annual blacklist of parties who have violated children’s rights. The decision came as a shock to many, given the UN’s own investigators found that there were hundreds of children who were killed or injured last year in Saudi […]

The Parallels Of Racial Inequality And Discrimination In The United States And Israel

Nearly three weeks ago, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American citizen of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was arrested by police officers after an employee at a convenience store called 911 claiming Floyd had used a counterfeit $20 bill to purchase cigarettes. The rest of the story, which has circulated throughout international media […]

UN May Have To Halt Three-Quarters Of Aid Programs In Yemen

The United Nations has been forced to request additional aid from donors for humanitarian programs in Yemen. Even though $2.4 billion was requested, just $1.35 billion was pledged. However, the organization reports that only 47% of the pledged funds have actually been received. Representatives from the UN are calling on […]

Destruction Of Cultural Heritage Is Not Only A War Crime, But An Attack On Humankind’s Shared Memory

A joint report by the Gerda Herkel Foundation and the Syrian Society for the Protection of Antiquities has revealed severe damage to Syria’s heritage sites and antiquities. The report, compiled by the Syrian archaeologist and academic Cheikhmous Ali, monitored 55 Syrian institutions since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War […]

At Least Eight Mass Grave Sites Discovered In Formerly LNA Controlled Libyan Territory

Members of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) expressed “horror” on Thursday, June 11th over “reports on the discovery of at least eight mass graves in past days, the majority of them in Tarhuna.” Until recently, this western Libyan town was controlled by Commander Khalifa Haftar of the […]

Mass Producing War

Russia strengthened its position in Syria and Libya this week, challenging U.S. interests in the Mediterranean. In Syria, Russia is poised to sign a 49-year agreement giving the Kremlin free control over the coastal airbase at Himeymin. That’s in addition to the naval facility at Tartus and the newly acquired […]

First Russian Airstrikes Since March Ceasefire Hit Northwest Syria

Russian airstrikes have been reported in northwest Syria, targeting the last major rebel-held territory in the region. These strikes mark a departure from a ceasefire that came into effect in March concerning the region. As such, the air raids were the first to have occurred in three months. While no […]

From Orientalism To Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric And The Rise Of Hate Crimes In America

The terms Islam, Arab, and Middle Eastern have long been conflated with each other, and are increasingly depicted in an unfavorable light. These negative attitudes spiked considerably during the aftermath of 9/11, with the FBI reporting a 1,700 percent increase of hate crimes against Muslim Americans between 2000 to 2001. […]