Middle East

India’s CAA: Another Move Toward A Hindu-First Nation

The United Nations High Commissioner filed for intervention in India’s Supreme Court. The basis for this intervention was the discriminatory nature of India’s Citizen Amendment Act (CAA).  What is the CAA? The CAA, passed in December 2019, is an amendment that has religiously discriminated against Muslims. The act allows citizenship […]

The Saudi-UAE Coalition Launched Airstrikes In Sanaa

  The Saudi-UAE coalition launched multiple airstrikes in Sanaa on Monday, following their interception of two Houthi ballistic missiles aimed at southern Yemen and Riyadh on Saturday. Al Jazeera news stated this conflict is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the eyes of the U.N.   Residents detailed the moment of the attack, where […]

How The Coronavirus Will Affect The Middle East

The new pandemic known as COVID-19, a novel coronavirus that has infected over 300,000 people globally, is especially detrimental to the social, political and economic fabric of the Middle East. The spread of the virus has already isolated free trade and transnational movement and will have a very substantial effect […]

U.S. Sanctions Push Iran To The Brink Of Humanitarian Disaster Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced new sanctions against Iran following an attack in Taji, Iraq, that resulted in the deaths of two American service members. The sanctions are intended to target several individuals who are vital to the petrochemical industry in Iran but were met with widespread condemnation […]

The Ruthless Houthis: Terrorists Or An Entity Of Particular Concern?

On Tuesday, March 3, Yemen’s UN recognized government called upon the United States to designate the Houthi rebels as a terrorist organization. Yemen’s Minister of Information, Moammar Al-Eryani, personally called on Congress to make this designation in a recent tweet, where he accused both the Houthi and Iranian forces of […]