Chabahar Port Offers A Rare Glimpse Of Cooperation Between Iran, United States

Tensions between the United States and Iran have consistently escalated over the past few years, culminating in the American assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani in January this year. However, a report from Al Jazeera on Saturday June 20th reveals that behind-the-scenes, Iran and the United States can cooperate […]

Iran Calls On U.S. To Stop Violence Against Its Own People

Iran has called upon the United States to stop violence against its own citizens amid worldwide police brutality protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.  Floyd, a black man, was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25th, after the officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine […]

First Iranian Gas Tanker Reaches Venezuela

An Iran oil tanker reached Venezuela on May 23. The U.S. has sanctions on both countries and the arrival of the tanker has brought up questions of U.S. intervention. The Iranian tankers hold enough gasoline to supply Venezuela for two to three weeks. Even though Venezuela has the world’s largest […]

Iran Calling For Global Solidarity During Pandemic

Iran called for global solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday, saying that U.S. sanctions are “inhumane” and causing “unnecessary suffering and pain”. U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran have not only made Iran suffer economically, but they have also restricted access to vital medicine for Iranians. According to a 2019 report […]

American Enforcement Of Sanctions Causes Tension, Suffering In A Pandemic-Stricken World

On Saturday the 16th of May, Nour news agency, which is linked closely to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), warned of repercussions should the United States attempt to prevent an Iranian fuel shipment to Venezuela. The agency said that “If the United States, just like pirates, intends to create […]

Afghan Migrants Allegedly Tortured By Iranian Border Guards

Afghan migrants trying to cross into Iran illegally were allegedly tortured and drowned by Iranian border guards on May 3rd. Reports from the Governor of the Iran border district of Gulran, as well as the Taliban, estimate 55 Afghan migrants were forced into the Harirud river. Eighteen bodies had been recovered […]

Iran Threatens “Crushing Response” If Arms Embargo Extended

On May 6, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani promised a “crushing response” and “serious consequences” if the United States extends the arms embargo on Iranian trade of conventional arms. The statement comes after the United States drafted a United Nations resolution to indefinitely extend the embargo, which was set to be […]

Afghan Migrants Tortured At Iranian Border

Reports have emerged of one of the worst human rights abuses on the Afghan-Iranian border within recent memory. It has been reported that last week, between 45 and 55 migrants were remanded by border guards, tortured, and thrown into the river Harirud, between Afghanistan’s Herat Province and Iran’s Khorasan. Abdul […]

Trump’s “All or Nothing” Diplomacy Relies On A Morbid Hope

Is Iran’s Virus Fight being Hampered by Sanctions? Iran is asking for the international community to hold the U.S. accountable for what it calls, “cruel and unilateral” sanctions that prevent them from managing the coronavirus outbreak and violate the 2015 nuclear deal. In recent weeks, those sentiments have been echoed […]

Is Trump Pushing For The Persian Gulf To Become The Ultimate Flashpoint In The U.S.-Iran Conflict?

On Wednesday April 22nd, President Donald Trump contributed to the latest escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf. On Wednesday night, the U.S. president tweeted that “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.” […]

Washington Congressional Candidate Runs On Peace 1

It is not every day you hear of a 26 year old socialist, trucker, and TikTok star running for the United States House of Representatives. Indeed, Joshua Collins is not your ordinary political candidate. Nonetheless, the outspoken millennial and self-proclaimed “CEO of socialism” is running as a Democrat to represent […]

MENA Governments Account For Majority Of Global Confirmed Executions

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region witnessed the vast majority of confirmed executions last year, according to data released by Amnesty International today. The report, entitled Death Sentences and Executions 2019, reveals that Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq together accounted for 81% of the world’s confirmed […]

U.S. Deploys Patriot Air Defence System To Iraq Amid Confrontation With Iran

On the 30th of March 2020, the United States deployed two batteries of the Patriot air defense missile system to U.S. bases in Iraq. The U.S. has referred to multiple rocket attacks on their bases in past weeks as justification for the deployment. The blame for these attacks has soundly […]

Secretary-General Reiterates Appeal for Global Ceasefire

In a public statement by Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, on March 23rd, states and non-state actors around the world were called upon to lay down their arms in the face of the growing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Before a sombre international press conference, he declared, “The virus does not care […]

Rouhani Calls On U.S. To Lift Sanctions

On Sunday, March 23rd, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called American leaders to lift sanctions in order to prove their sincerity in helping Iran cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Rouhani said in a televised speech directed at American leaders, “You have blocked Iran’s oil exports, you have stopped Iran’s banking transactions… […]