Kashmir Crisis Threatens India-Pakistan Peace

The Indian government revoked Kashmir’s special status by presidential decree on August 5th. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was abolished, signalling the end to India-administered Kashmir’s autonomy. Article 370 conferred special rights on Kashmir, including the right to its own constitution and decision-making process with the exception of defence, […]

Pakistan Expels Indian Ambassador As Kashmir Dispute Escalates 1

On Wednesday, August 7, Pakistan said that it would expel India’s ambassador and suspend bilateral trade relations with New Delhi in a meeting of Pakistan’s National Security Committee led by Prime Minister Imran Khan. This comes after India’s removal of a constitutional provision for the Kashmir region that had granted […]

Kashmir Fears Crisis Situation Over Special “Permanent Resident” Legislation

Tensions between the Indian government and Muslim-majority Kashmir, an independent state whose administration is shared between Indian and Pakistan, have reached a climax this week. Authorities issued an unprecedented order for tourists to leave the region, and also cancelled a Hindi pilgrimage due to security threats. The Indian government deployed […]

Looking To The Future: The ‘New Space Race’

Space has a remarkable power to bring people together. Throughout history, civilizations and peoples have looked to the night sky and used it for a number of reasons. In 2019, everyone celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landings. Estimated to have been watched by 600 million people worldwide, […]

Indian Brick Kilns: A New Age Of Workplace Slavery

The Indian brick making industry is rife with cases of systematic slavery. Up to 23 million people are enslaved across India’s 125,000 brick kiln factories. One-third of those enslaved are children. Despite being prohibited in the Indian Constitution, and international law, millions of Indian’s are intergenerationally trapped by debt-bondage schemes. […]

Unnecessary Surgery: Why A Rise In Hysterectomies Is A Failure For Women’s Health In Rural India

Hysterectomies are being carried out in rural communities in India at an unprecedented rate, reports Devyani Nighoskar in Al Jazeera. The medical definition of a hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus (womb) but can sometimes lead to the removal of the ovaries, cervix or fallopian tubes. The procedure […]