Anger Flare Up Among Indian Protesters Amid Border Clash With China

A surge of resentment crests across India as the nation grapples with the death of 20 soldiers following a high-altitude violent face-off along India’s disputed border area. The deadly incident has enraged many Indian protesters, calling for a boycott of Chinese products by shouting “Boycott China! Boycott China!” as a […]

Fatal Border Clash Between China And India Brings Historical Tensions To A High

The Issue A violent confrontation between Chinese and Indian troops in the Himalayan region of Ladakh on Monday has led to the deaths of at least 20 Indian soldiers and international concern regarding heightened inter-state tensions. In what Al Jazeera reports to be the deadliest clash in almost 50 years, […]

RSF Calls For Removal Of Jammu And Kashmir’s “Orwellian” New Media Policy

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemned the Jammu and Kashmir’s administration’s new media policy, “Media-Policy 2020,” as “Orwellian” and “prior censorship.” The majority-Muslim union territory—formerly a state with special autonomous status until 2019—has seen substantial unrest in recent years. Notably, on June 21st, three separatist militants were killed in Srinagar, the […]

Migrant Workers, Rural Communities And Muslims Feel the Brunt Of India’s Coronavirus Pandemic

India’s growing COVID-19 pandemic has seen several worrying developments for migrant workers and rural communities, much of it due to the lockdown in effect since 25 March. The economic shock it caused has devastated rural economies and left millions of migrant workers stranded, unemployed, and in some cases exploited. The […]

Increased Border Tensions Between China And India: How Two Super-Powers Pursue National Interests During A Global Pandemic

Last month, Foreign Policy reported two instances of cross-border confrontations between the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and India’s armed forces on the contested territorial zone known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). These collisions consisted of fistfights and stone-throwing between soldiers resulting in more than 100 injuries across […]

India And Australia Strengthen Military Partnership Through Signing Of Various Agreements

India and Australia have progressed interstate relations after signing a bundle of military agreements through virtual summit on Thursday. Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Scott Morrison employed two bilateral pacts for the “deepening of the defense relationship” between the nations as tensions increase in the Indo-Pacific region. One of the […]

An Unprecedented Instance: India And China Seek To Resolve Ladakh Border Dispute Peacefully

In the past few weeks, we have witnessed numerous clashes between the Indian Army and China’s People’s Liberation Army along their widely disputed border, Line of Actual Control (LAC). However, China and India have agreed to defuse tensions after frequent clashes in the Himalayas throughout May. Tensions were heightened earlier […]

China And India Moving Heavy Weaponry Into Disputed Ladakh As Sovereignty Dispute Escalates

The Sino-Indian border dispute threatens to dramatically escalate, as recent skirmishes have provoked a significant military response from both nations. Earlier this month, several soldiers were injured as Indian soldiers attempted to break down newly constructed PLA outposts in the Tsomo Nganglha Ringpo valley. Due to the international sensitivity of […]

Nepal Attempts To Seize Contested Territories From India After Revealing New National Map

Nepal issued a new official national map last week in a “unilateral” attempt to claim disputed territories along the country’s border with India and China. India’s government has rebuked the country’s actions, even though it too, claims the territory in its official map.  The land in question is a mountainous […]

Cyclone Amphan And COVID-19: Mass Destruction In South Asia

Cyclone Amphan has pummelled India and Bangladesh and continues to leave a trail of mass destruction and chaos as the two countries attempt to recover. As of May 23rd, at least 106 deaths were confirmed. As per disaster management officials, 80 are from the Indian states of West Bengal and […]

The Intensifying Criticality Of Press Freedom

The short-term emergency measures governments have been taking since the COVID-19 outbreak will not only shape our current and near future, but define and shape the politics, economics, culture, and policies of the years to come, historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari argued in an article he wrote for Financial […]

Excessive Enforcement Of COVID-19 Lockdowns: The UN Warns Against Police Brutality

Police worldwide have been using excessive and sometimes deadly force to enforce coronavirus-related curfews and lockdowns. The UN Human Rights Office has observed a range of human rights violations including arbitrary detention, harassment, abuse, beatings, and deaths in over 20 countries. In Nigeria, security forces have killed 18 people in […]