Hong Kong

Tensions Rise as United States Based Chinese Journalists’ Visas Expire

For the past several years China and the United States have been increasingly at odds on several fronts. It started with trade, then shifted to United States’ criticism of how China is dealing with the protests in Hong Kong, and most recently COVID-19. Perhaps being perpetuated by President Trump and […]

Hong Kong Leader Postpones Elections Amid Disqualification Of Pro-Democracy Candidates

In an evening press conference yesterday, 31 July, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the postponement of the upcoming Legislative Council election by a year. With an expected three million-person voter turnout, Lam voiced health concerns amid a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. The New York Times quoted the […]

Hong Kong Demands Taiwan Officials Sign “One China” Document For Visa Renewal

On Thursday, Taiwanese officials residing in Hong Kong were told that they would not have their visas renewed unless they agree to sign a document supporting China’s territorial claim over Taiwan under its “one China” policy. According to Reuters, this comes after China’s passage and implementation of the new Hong […]

The Possible End Of “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong Navigates Its New Reality After China Enacts New Security Law

China’s new security law for Hong Kong has struck the region after legal experts concluded the bill seeks to fundamentally change the region’s legal system. The Beijing-led legislation seeks to criminalize actions of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with extreme punishments. These actions include breaking away from the country, undermining […]

Protestors wave the Hong Kong colonial flag in front of China's liaison office.

Beijing’s National Security Law In Hong Kong: Will Pro-Democracy Protest Be Possible?

On June 30th, a national security law devised by state officials in Beijing under the President Xi Jinping administration was passed in Hong Kong. For years, Hong Kong has resided in an uncertain state, mainly due to its semiautonomous existence and relationship to the Chinese Communist Party. The territory’s access […]

Millions Of Hongkongers Now Able To Emigrate Easier Into The United Kingdom

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new rules allowing Hong Kong citizens holding a British National Overseas passport to emigrate into the U.K., in retaliation to a new set of security laws imposed on Hong Kong residents that he deemed undemocratic and unfair. Under the new rules, Hong Kong […]


Libraries across Hong Kong have begun clearing their shelves of pro-democracy books. So far, nine titles have been culled from public libraries in the region, including books by young activist Joshua Wong and pro-democracy politician Tanya Chan. The books are under review, to determine whether they comply with Hong Kong’s […]

Hong Kong’s Autonomy Under Threat Again As National Security Law’s Blueprint Revealed

On Saturday, June 20th, the Chinese government unveiled the blueprint for a highly controversial new national security law in the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong. Under this legislation, China can bypass Hong Kong’s independent judicial system, which according to CNN, will allow the city’s pro-Chinese top official “to handpick which […]

Increased Border Tensions Between China And India: How Two Super-Powers Pursue National Interests During A Global Pandemic

Last month, Foreign Policy reported two instances of cross-border confrontations between the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and India’s armed forces on the contested territorial zone known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). These collisions consisted of fistfights and stone-throwing between soldiers resulting in more than 100 injuries across […]

Hong Kong Security Chief Says Security Law Needed “To Tackle Terrorism”

On May 25th, Hong Kong Security Chief John Lee said that China’s proposed security law is necessary “to tackle terrorism” brought about by protesters. According to the Guardian, the law would ban any activities that undermine Chinese national security, including separatism, subversion, sedition, and terrorism. It comes in response to […]