Italy And The World Locks Down Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 9th, Italy set precedent as the first European country to enter lockdown in the hope of forestalling coronavirus, which induces the highly contagious COVID-19. As of that date, sixteen million people were affected by movement and transportation restrictions, leaving a quarter of the population frozen. The lockdown is […]

A Chance To Re-imagine Our Place In The Natural World: An Opportunity Presented By COVID-19

Times of crisis offer a space for individual reflection. They can promote new forms of self-awareness and on larger scales can even change societal values and priorities. COVID-19 seems likely to be a crisis that not only requires dramatic shifts in the way we live in the short term, it […]

Holding China Accountable For Its Mistreatment Of Ethnic Uyghurs

While the Uyghurs are a predominantly large Muslim Turkish ethnic group with a distinct culture, their presence in China (heavily concentrated in Xinjiang) has been admonished in this present day and age. Ethnic Uyghurs remain targeted for surveillance and control tactics. China’s agenda of severe repression towards these individuals has […]

Lack of Leadership In A Time Of Global Crisis

Since Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in 2017, he has consistently downplayed existential threats towards both national and global security. In the fall of 2019, Trump nearly pushed the United States into another long term and seemingly endless war in the Middle […]

Supplying Our Consumption: Uighur Muslims Are Forced Into Factory Labour Suggests New Report

In recent years, the Uighurs, the majority of whom populate the Xinjiang region in the country’s north-west, have been consistently corralled into internment camps and re-education centres by state authorities on account of their religious ‘extremism’ and cultural dissonance.  Rather than this being the end-point of their supposed assimilation, the […]

Xin Jiang

COVID-19: UK Government’s Controversial Response

As of March 12th, confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK have risen to 590. The true number of cases could be much higher. Moving from the “containing” phase to the “delaying” phase, the National Health Service system is on an emergency footing. Although 30 designated hospitals are still receiving patients, […]

The Dangers Of Coronavirus Profiteering

SARS-CoV-2, or the coronavirus, has been spreading rapidly across the globe in recent weeks. It has dominated media coverage since it appeared right after the new year. On December 31, 2019, Chinese authorities were treating dozens of pneumonia cases with unknown causes. On January 11th, China reported its first death […]