Asking The Big Question: Are Our Countries Really Doing Enough To Stop/Slow Down Climate Change?

For years, climate change was an issue that the majority of politicians around the world did not even acknowledge. It was put on the back burner because of other issues and crises that needed immediate attention. Now, it is a headlining article around the globe as world leaders now scramble […]

Landslide Victory For Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Candidates Seen As First Step Towards Democracy

Hong Kong’s district council election results are a major win for pro-democracy advocates as many important pro-government figures lost their seats. The results, which came in last Monday morning, resulted in a landslide victory for democratic candidates. 2.94 million registered voters participated in this year’s council election—a staggering voter turnout […]

China’s Mass Surveillance Program: The Key To Uyghur Detainment 1

Last Sunday, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists obtained and released a collection of documents divulging the operations manual and surveillance plans for China’s Xinjiang mass detainment camps that now hold hundreds of thousands of detained Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. For the first time, the Communist Party of China’s […]

China’s Secret Brainwashing Camps 1

Official Chinese government documents leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists earlier in the week has shown that an estimated one million minority Uighur Muslims are being sent to secret brainwashing detention camps in the Xinjiang region in the West of China. Inmates are being detained in these camps […]

The Hong Kong Protests: Aspirations, Tensions, And Freedom

The 9th of June 2019 saw an estimated one million people take to the streets to voice their concerns with the newly proposed extradition bill which would allow for criminal suspects to be extradited to China and Taiwan. This unprecedented response was founded on the backs of critics who warned […]

Facebook & The Hong Kong-Taiwan-China Triangle

Facebook has come under fire in recent weeks after posts related to Hong Kong published by news agencies and users within Taiwan were taken down by the social media platform. During the later hours of the 15th on Friday, Facebook issued an official statement announcing posts were removed due only […]

Two Australian Politicians Banned From China Over Criticism Of The CCP 2

Two Liberal politicians have been barred from entering China after they refused to retract criticisms that they had directed at the Chinese government. The two MPs, James Paterson and Andrew Hastie, were due to undertake a “study tour” in China next month, but both have since had their visa applications […]

Is Democracy Always The Correct Answer?

Democracy has had a long history. The experiment first began in Athens, Greece during the Golden Age. The word “democracy” comes from two Greeks words: demos refers to the people, and Kratos means the rule. For a century and a half, all male citizens had equal political rights, enjoyed the […]

Xinhua Attack: Hong Kong’s Fight For Freedom

On November 2nd, 2019, the Xinhua News Agency was stormed by protestors in the Wan Chai neighborhood of Hong Kong. According to TIME magazine, “they [the protestors] smashed its [Xinhua] glass door entrance and windows, splashed red ink, sprayed graffiti and set a small fire in the office lobby. Saturday […]

Protests In Hong Kong Continue After Five Months

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, many of which have been met with violence, have now been taking place for five months. They originally began as a response to an extradition law that would have made it possible for Hong Kong citizens to be brought to mainland China for certain punishments. […]