Killer Profits: How Western Democracies Fuel Conflict Through The Global Arms Trade

Earlier this month, London hosted the biennial Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) fair 2019. International delegations from 68 countries came to the Ministry of Defence-supported trade show in order to see the wares of 1,700 military technology suppliers, who manufacture everything from light firearms to unmanned drone systems. On […]

Hong Kong Students Continue Anti-Government Protest As Unrest Persists

Thousands of secondary students formed human chains in front of Hong Kong schools on Monday. Standing hand-in-hand in their uniforms, the students silently protested to express solidarity with the pro-democracy protesters in the Chinese-ruled city. The protest followed a weekend of unrest with clashes between activists and police, and is part […]

The Middle Kingdom And Its Others: Ethnic Minorities And Regional Autonomy In The People’s Republic Of China

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) faces a crisis in its borderlands. Xinjiang province in the West of the country has surfaced numerous times in recent months for authorities’ ill treatment of ethnic minorities, particularly the Turkic-speaking Muslim Uyghurs. In Tibet, 2018 saw aggravated religious and political oppression, land seizures, […]

The Belt And Road Initiative And The Promise Of Development: Economic Empowerment, Debt-Trap Diplomacy And Security Risks

In September 2013, during a visit to Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana), Kazakhstan, President Xi Jinping of China spoke of an initiative that would “open the strategic regional thoroughfare from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, and gradually move toward the set-up of a network of transportation that connects Eastern, Western […]

New Troops Further Tension In Hong Kong

In the latest efforts against three months of protests, China rotated thousands of new troops into Hong Kong on Thursday. The superpower claims the move was “routine”, but it comes at a bad time for protestors; less than 24 hours before the troops’ arrival, police denied permission for a pro-democratic […]

Yang Hengjun: A Diplomatic Hostage 1

Diplomatic relations between Australia and China have become increasingly antagonistic as Australian writer and political commentator, Yang Hengjun, continues to be held by Chinese authorities. Earlier this week, attempts by the Australian government to return Yang home failed as China formally charged the pro-democracy advocate with “espionage.” In response, Australian […]

Purchasing Greenland Is A Geopolitical Chess Piece Rather Than A Real Estate Deal 1

President Donald Trump has seen yet another diplomatic rift resulting from offhanded remarks, this time over the United States purchasing Greenland. Trump suggested the purchase of the Danish controlled – yet sovereign – territory of Greenland to his senior advisors earlier this month. Greenland residents and Danish officials initially responded […]

The U.S. Extends Huawei Ban For Another Three Months

The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration on 19 August issued an extension of the ban of the Chinese smartphone and technological equipment manufacturing company, Huawei, from the United States Market. The initiative will provide some issues for the U.S. companies that relied on Huawei equipment to perform their […]