Taliban Rejects Afghanistan’s Conditional Prisoner Release Decree

On March 11th, 2020, the Taliban rejected the Afghanistan Government’s offer for the ‘conditional release’ of Taliban prisoners. President Ghani’s offer follows the groundbreaking February 29th deal between the United States and the Taliban to end the 18 year-long conflicts in Afghanistan. In a bid to withdraw U.S. troops in […]

Taliban And U.S. Make An Agreement After Decades Of War

After over a year in the making, there is now an agreement to begin the end of the United States’ longest war in history, but there is still a very long way to go. Recently, the U.S. signed a deal with the Afghanistan Taliban in Doha, Qatar that will be […]

U.S. Agreement With Taliban Sets Timetable For Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Six months after Donald Trump declared talks with the Taliban “dead,” the U.S. has reached an historic deal with the Islamist group that could see all U.S. and NATO troops leave Afghanistan by mid-2021. U.S. Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban political leader Abdul Ghani Beradar signed the agreement in […]

Preliminary Results Of Afghanistan’s September Election Claim Ghani’s Narrow Win

After delays in preliminary results, the incumbent President of Afghanistan—Ashraf Ghani—has claimed a “narrow win” in the preliminary presidential election that was held on September 28th of 2019, Reuters reports. Afghanistan—a country ridden with insurgent violence, radicalism, and internationally induced instability—held their first democratic elections in 2004 via the 2001 […]