April 2018

Amnesty Law Frees Protesters And Police In Nicaragua 1

Over 100 protesters jailed in connection with last year’s protests have been released this week in Nicaragua. They have been granted amnesty following a new law backed by President Ortega and passed by Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) MPs in Congress on 8 June. More than 700 people were […]

Lawyers On Trial In Turkey 1

A report published this week by Human Rights Watch (HRW) details how the Turkish government has been arbitrarily jailing lawyers and putting them on trial ever since the failed military coup d’état in July 2016. The report highlights the extent of the government crackdown on lawyers, and specifically criminal defence […]

Spain Protests As “La Manada” Resurfaces

Protests littered Spain’s streets following the decision of a regional court to grant bail to five men convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl. The panel of judges ruled two to one that there is no risk of the men fleeing or being repeat offenders. The bail is set to […]

New Sound Evidence Of Crimes Against Humanity In Myanmar

On the 20th of June, Amnesty International (AI) released the report titled, “We Will Destroy Everything”: Military Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity in Rakhine State, Myanmar. This 189 page report revealed new firsthand evidence of what was labelled the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar of 2017, and took an entire nine months […]

Peace Still Possible As Port City Braces For War 1

The fate of Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah, a vital lifeline to the outside world, hangs in the balance. Over the past week, Yemen’s “forgotten war” has returned to the headlines. Attention has focused on the Saudi coalition’s offensive against Iran-backed Houthis in the port city of Hodeidah. Diplomatic and […]

Amber Rudd Out And Sajid Javid In During Windrush Scandal

Amber Rudd resigned as United Kingdom (U.K.) Home Secretary on April 29, 2018. U.K. Prime Minister Teresa May, of the Conservative Party, subsequently appointed Sajid Javid to the position. Rudd struggled with explaining her role in the mistreatment of Windrush generation migrants. Rudd had claimed that her department did not […]

Saudi Arabia’s aid donation to ‘make up’ for the conflict in Yemen

In early April, reports from Geneva raised scepticism about Saudi Arabia’s approach in Yemen. Antonio Guterres the United Nations Secretary-General applauded and welcomed the ‘record-breaking pledge’ of $930 million dollars, which was presented in New York on the 27th of March. The donation will be put into aid funding that […]

Rwanda, 24 Years On – An African Success Story?

This month marks 24 years since the beginning of one of the worst events in recent history; the attempted genocide of the Tutsi population in Rwanda by the Hutus. A catastrophe which, despite being forewarned and having the capability to prevent it, the major world powers and the United Nations […]

April 2018: Youth Activists Fighting For A Safe Education; Gun Violence In American Schools

Gun violence has impacted the education and lives of countless American students over the last few decades. This year alone, students have endured a shooting every month, with increasing numbers of schoolchildren murdered. However, these students are standing together in a new war on gun laws; they are calling for […]

Which Side of the 38th Parallel Do North Korean Youth Want to Stand?

Understanding the motivations and goals of a nation requires one to look at the most influential people currently within it. Looking at the county’s youth, then, will give you foresight into the country’s future. For North Korea it is no different. Throughout the ages, the Kim Regime has prioritized the […]