Attack On UN Peacekeepers Highlights Increased Insecurity In The DRC

An attack by militants in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 UN Peacekeepers, with more than 50 wounded. Targeting a UN base situated near the DRC’s eastern border, the assault appears to be a well-coordinated effort by the Allied Democratic […]

Women And War: Lessons From The Brutality Of India’s Partition

As India and Pakistan mark the 70th anniversary of partition this year, the violent legacy of the period continues to enflame relations between the two nations. What was then seen as a battle over land caused by religious differences after independence, also became a battle over women’s ‘honour’ – an […]

Recent ICC Prosecution Of Dominic Ongwen Suggests Selective Justice For Members

Nearly twenty years after its formation in 1998, the International Criminal Court (ICC) continues to serve mixed justice to victims of crime not prosecuted by national or domestic courts. The ICC recently heard the case against Dominic Ongwen in relation to seventy counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, […]

Ugandan Government Bans Pride Events

The Ugandan government has decided to cancel a week of LGBTQ+ Pride events in the country for the second year in a row. On August 16, the country’s State Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, shut down a Pride gala that was scheduled to take place in Kampala. He […]

South Sudan: The Future Of Child Soldiers

As South Sudan’s civil war rages on, thousands of innocent children are being unwillingly converted into soldiers. This year alone, almost 1300 Sudanese children have been recruited to join the fight, UNICEF reports. However, since the conflict erupted in late 2013, an estimated 17,000 children have been abducted and conscripted to […]

Child Soldiers: How Can We Alleviate This Problem?

Child soldiers are individuals, under the age of 18, who serve in government forces and armed opposition groups. A child can serve a variety of roles in these groups, such as fighting in combat zones, working in hospitality, and maintaining the upkeep of the bases through activities like cooking and […]

UN Calls For Ceasefire In South Sudan

The United Nations has urged all parties involved in the South Sudan conflict to cease hostilities after the government launched a new offensive earlier this week that displaced another 25,000 people. “The renewed upsurge in fighting represents a callous and blatant disregard of the pledges made during the 25 March 2017 […]

Uganda Officially Calls Off Search For Kony

This week, Uganda withdrew its forces from the Central African Republic and officially resigned its search for warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army, reports the Economist. They have done so based on their belief that he no longer poses a significant threat to the region. Similarly, U.S. official […]

Should The African Union Play A Bigger Role In South Sudan?

In the midst of the violence that has plagued South Sudan, one cannot avoid feeling exasperated at the fact that we are witnessing a senseless and largely avoidable humanitarian crisis. Accentuating this situation is the steady flow of refugees, which has contributed to the growth of Bidi Bidi, the world’s […]

Uganda: Aruu North By-Election Violence

The 6th of April 2017 is a dark day for most citizens in Northern Uganda, following the nullification of their Member of Parliament, Hon. Achiro Lucy’s election results in February of the previous year. His counterpart from the ruling party, Hon. James Kidega, says the February 2016 election was rigged […]