Tensions Between South Africa And Nigeria Impede Regional Economic Cooperation 1

From 4-6 September, leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society met in Cape Town, South Africa for the 28th World Economic Forum. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa concluded the Forum on an uplifting note by remarking that “this is Africa’s century” and that “the future is great”. However, underlying the […]

Nigerian Man Found Dead In U.K. Detention Centre

Oscar Okwurime, a 34 year old Nigerian man, was recently found dead in Harmondsworth detention centre, one of the largest detention centres in the United Kingdom located next to Heathrow airport. Although the cause of Okwurime’s death is yet to be examined, the Home Office are said to be investigating […]

Nigerians Evacuated From South Africa After Attacks 1

Around 200 Nigerians have left South Africa amid fears of xenophobic violence. There has recently been a wave of violent attacks on foreign people, their businesses and property. Riots started in early September, where several stores owned by immigrants were targeted across Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas. At least 10 […]

Cattle Herders And Farmers Clash In Nigeria’s Middle Belt

In Nigeria’s Middle Belt, the conflict between cattle herders and farmers has intensified. Disputes have centered around an expanding agricultural population, land scarcity for both cattle grazing and farming, and has, in turn, created this cycle of conflict where neither of the two groups’ needs are met. Various news outlets […]

Shia Group Banned In Nigeria After Deadly Clashes With Police

On 28 July, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari announced a court ruling to ban the Muslim group Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). Thousands of IMN followers gathered at a protest rally in the capital city Abuja on Monday. There, protestors called for proper medical treatment for their detained leader, Sheik […]

Gunmen Attack Villages In Sokoto

Several gunmen attacked multiple villages in the norther Nigerian state of Sokoto on Saturday night, leaving at least 43 people dead after the overnight raids. The bandits also raided the villages and stole livestock, devastating local communities. These attacks have recently become much more frequent in many northern Nigerian states, […]

Water Wars: How Scarcity Exacerbates Conflict

Around the world, water scarcity is increasingly changing the face of conflict. Beyond its being essential to human survival – one can only live a few days without consumption – water is also required for basic hygiene and agricultural production. In 2013, the Global Water Institute found that 43 countries […]

Nigerian Militants Threaten To Cripple Down The Country’s Economy If Buhari Gets Re-elected

Will President Buhari get re-elected again, even after the Nigerians militants made threats to crush down the economy if he goes back in power? The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) made a statement on Thursday, saying that they will bring down Africa’s biggest economy down if Buhari is re-elected again. The […]

Inter-Ethnic Violence In Nigeria Pushing Thousands Into Niger

A rise in violence in North-Western Nigeria has led to the displacement of tens of thousands of people across the border into Niger. The cause is believed to be an unprecedented rise in inter-ethnic violence, unrelated to the Boko Haram insurgency currently endemic to the region. At a press briefing […]

Tongo Tongo Ambush

On Tuesday, May 14th, Niger soldiers running a routine military patrol were ambushed, with search operations beginning directly afterwards for missing soldiers who were involved. The initial attack involved 52 soldiers who were in the patrol, and when they came across a group of heavily armed soldiers, were forced into […]