Non-combative Strategies Should Be On the Agenda Towards Mali Conflict

According to the announcement of the French defence ministry on December 23, seven Islamic extremists had been killed by the French first armed drone strike. Being a tough response to 13 French soldiers’ death by a helicopter collision during their Mali operation several weeks ago, the defence minister Florence Parly […]

Escalation Of Multidimensional Violence Continues In Mali

Over the past seven years, Mali has been entangled in an insurgency, military coup and international intervention. Since then, multidimensional conflict has extended from Northern to the Central regions of the state. Today the violence is not limited to but is concentrated in the central Malian provinces of Mopti and […]

Burkina Faso Continues To Struggle With Islamist Insurgent Groups

Burkina Faso lived one of the worst episodes of violence in recent years on Wednesday November 6th, when 37 people were killed and more than 60 wounded in an ambush attack in the East of the country. Armed men opened fire on a convoy carrying workers for the Canadian mining […]

Terrorist Attack In Mali Leaves 54 Dead

A recent terrorist attack in Mali has left at least 54 dead, and this number may rise as more bodies are identified. Security sources report that the attack involved at least three suicide bombers, who detonated explosives inside a military camp in Indelimane, in the north of the country. The […]

EU Nations Agree To Take In Refugees Stranded On The Ocean Viking Rescue Ship Near Malta 1

On Thursday, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Romania agreed to take in 356 African refugees aboard the Ocean Viking, a Norwegian-flagged rescue ship that has been stranded near Malta for two weeks. The EU Migration Commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, negotiated the deal between Malta and the six other EU countries […]

Retaliatory Ethnic Violence Is Destabilizing Central Mali

Dozens of people have been reportedly killed in attacks on two villages in central Mali amid rapidly deteriorating security conditions. A local mayor told Reuters News Agency that unidentified gunmen arrived on motorbikes before attacking the villages of Yoro and Gangafani. According to Malian military officials, 41 mostly ethnic Dogons […]

How Climate Change Is Escalating The Devastating Conflict In Mali 1

Only two months ago, Mali witnessed one of the deadliest acts of bloodshed in the country’s history, as over 150 people were killed by rival gangs. Two days ago, on June 18th, over 40 people were killed by the same type of attack. The ongoing situation in Mali has resulted […]

Latest Attack In Central Mali Results In Nearly 100 Deaths 1

An overnight attack this past Sunday in central Mali left nearly 100 people dead. An additional 19 villagers were reported missing according to the Malian government, but numbers are likely to increase as authorities continue to investigate. The casualties belong to a traditional village, Sobame Da, primarily home to the […]

Most African Countries Are Generally Becoming Less Fragile

The Fragile State Index (FSI) 2019 showed that most African countries are generally less fragile, with slight improvements since previous years. The FSI, published by Fund for Peace, ranks countries based on how different pressures they face “impact their levels of fragility.” The FSI takes into account variables such as […]

Ethnic Violence Kills 160 In The Mopti Region Of Mali

Mali’s ethnic violence has reached new heights as recently released reports detail how over 160 people were found to have died, with a further 73 wounded, in an attack in the village of Ogossagou in the Mopti region. Since a militant Islamist uprising in the north of Mali in 2012, […]