Chad Declares State Of Emergency After Dozens Of Ethnic Killings

President of Chad Idriss Deby has enacted a national state of emergency due to the death of 50 people in the Sila and Ouaddai regions of this landlocked African country. Increased gun use among civilians due to an increase in supply from neighboring countries has perpetuated the loss of Chadians […]

Boko Haram And A Decade Of War Without End

For ten years the Islamic extremist group popularly known as Boko Haram has been waging a ferocious war against Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. A war which started in the North Eastern Nigerian state of Borno in 2009 has expanded to Northern Cameroon, Southern Chad and Niger over the past […]

Most African Countries Are Generally Becoming Less Fragile

The Fragile State Index (FSI) 2019 showed that most African countries are generally less fragile, with slight improvements since previous years. The FSI, published by Fund for Peace, ranks countries based on how different pressures they face “impact their levels of fragility.” The FSI takes into account variables such as […]

Chadian Military Apprehends Column Of Rebels Near Libyan Border

On February 9th, 2019, the Chadian military released a statement indicating that they had captured more than 250 rebels, including some top leaders. This capture was part of an operation against a convoy of militants trying to cross into Chad from Libya. This operation has also included French assistance in […]

Instability In The Lake Chad Basin

The population of the Lake Chad Basin is currently experiencing a severe humanitarian emergency.  This crisis encompasses the countries of Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Cameroon where over 2.4 million people have been displaced and over 10 million people are in need of aid.  The insecurity in the region is caused […]

Barriers To Reintegration And Rehabilitation Of Conflict Affected Children In Nigeria

As the struggle against Boko Haram continues in Nigeria and neighbouring Lake Chad basin countries; Cameroon, Niger and Chad, discussions surrounding how best to approach post-conflict reintegration is becoming increasingly important. While this protracted 9-year conflict has deeply impacted the lives of millions, it is paramount that adequate attention is […]

18 Killed, 10 Abducted As Boko Haram Attacks Chad-Niger Border

A precautionary evacuation of a village in the Lake Chad region near Niger has been called for by authorities following a deadly attack by Boko Haram on a village on the evening of July 19, reported Al Jazeera. The attacks, which left at least 18 people dead, 10 women kidnapped […]

Suicide Attack Kills Two Civilians And Injures A Number Of French Soldiers In Mali

In the West African nation of Mali, a car bombing occurred killing at least 2 civilians and injuring over 20 others including a number of French soldiers in Gao, a city located in the northern part of the country. Al-Jazeera reported that the French Army spokesman, Patrik Steiger, indicated that […]

Niger Suffers Yet Another Suspected Boko Haram Attack

At around 10 pm on Monday June 5th, three assailants conducted simultaneous suicide bombing attacks targeting a Koranic school, a Mosque and a shop in Diffa administration in Niger. Conflicting reports are being circulated regarding the identity of the attackers; it was either three women or two women and one […]

149 Women And Children Rescued From Boko Haram

On Sunday, April 8, a Nigerian army spokesman announced that the military had rescued 149 people who were kidnapped by terrorist organization Boko Haram. The operation took place the day before, in a raid in the northeast region of the country. Colonel Onyeama Nwachukwu, the Deputy Director of Army Public […]