An End To The Libyan Conflict

A ceasefire has been put in place in Libya, following talks in Istanbul last week. Both the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Russian president, Vladimir Putin, suggested a ceasefire during these meetings as reported by the New York Times. This comes despite both parties backing rival parties in the […]

Uganda Police Arrest Bobi Wine, Fire Tear Gas On Supporters

On January 6th 2020, Ugandan singer-turned-presidential hopeful Bobi Wine was arrested alongside two other opposition members of parliament and journalists covering the events in his constituency of Kampala, preventing him from holding his first public meeting with supporters. The authorities were deployed before dawn to the site, inciting protests by […]

Erdogan: Turkish Soldiers Gradually Being Deployed to Libya

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that Turkish soldiers to be gradually deployed to Libya. Turkish military units will begin moving into Libya to support the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli, one of the two opposing governments in the country. This decision came after Turkey received a request […]

UN Calls For Increased Aid To Zimbabwe

According to the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP), nearly 8 million people in Zimbabwe face food insecurity in the midst of an extensive drought and an ongoing economic crisis in the country. The WFP now plans to increase the number of Zimbabweans it provides aid to, to 4.1 […]

Libyan Conflict: Russia And Turkey Vie For A Solution

On Sunday, military commander Khalifa Haftar announced his fighters would agree to a ceasefire in the Western regions of Libya, after having days earlier rejected the ceasefire called by Russia and Turkey. Minutes after the ceasefire went into place, however, both sides accused each other of having violated it. Khalifa […]

Most Recent Nobel Peace Prize Winner And What He Did 1

The most recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 was the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He assumed office in April 2018 after months of anti-government protests that forced the previous Prime Minister to step down. Since being elected, he has introduced a lot of liberalizing reforms in […]

Mobilizing Legitimacy In Response To General Haftar’s Take Over Of Libyan City Of Sirte

Forces opposing the current UN-backed Libyan government are reported to have taken over the city of Sirte, during what their leader, General Haftar, has described as a “victorious march” towards the Libyan capital of Tripoli.  Sirte was previously held by the Government of National Accord (GNA), the UN-backed Libyan government […]

Rebel Fighters Attack Civilians In Eastern D.R.C.

On Sunday night, rebel fighters carried out an attack against civilians in Apetina-Sana, an eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Attackers are said to be members of the rebel group A.D.F. (Allied Democratic Forces), a group active in the D.R.C. and in Uganda. The rebels reportedly “hacked” victims […]

Events In The Last Decade That Moved The Whole World Forward

In a world full of sadness, war, and struggle it can often be a challenge to see the good that we as humans also do. 2019 and a whole decade has come to an end, so I thought we should reflect on some of the amazing things we have done […]

Drought And A Spiralling Economy Bring Famine To Zimbabwe

A combination of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe and the widespread drought in southern Africa have led to a burgeoning food crisis that is affecting a majority of Zimbabweans. The inflation rate in Zimbabwe has now reached three hundred percent according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is the […]