Regional Crisis Advisers

The OWP’s Crisis Index

The Crisis Index is designed as a central source of information for ongoing crises across the globe. It provides an overview of various crises, the key actors involved in them, their effect, and a timeline of events pertaining to the crises and their development. The index offers readers an easy way to expand their understanding of existing crises, as well as outlining the key problems that lead to crises.

The Crisis Index is continually being developed and updated, which is why we are always looking for new people with expert knowledge of crises to assist us in improving this vital source of information.


The Role of Regional Crisis Advisers

Regional Crisis Advisers are in charge of ensuring our Crisis Index is up to date and accurate. They are fundamental to the development and improvement of the Index as they provide their expert insight into the key issues of the various crises across the world. The role demands three to five hours of work each week.

Advisers and Deputy Advisers are assigned to one of six regions: Africa, Americas, Asia and Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Global.

Key duties to be completed by Regional Crisis Advisers include (but are not limited to):

– Providing weekly updates on events pertaining to relevant crises.
– Monitoring and reporting on both existing and potential crises.
– Ensuring all data and information in the Crisis Index is accurate and relevant.
– Developing new pages for the Crisis Index, as necessary.
– Assisting in the development of the Crisis Index as a source of public information.

If you have relevant knowledge of a particular region and are interested in being a Regional Crisis Adviser or Deputy Adviser, please email our Crisis Index Manager at

Please note: this is an unpaid position.