The Organization for World Peace Advocacy Team

The OWP advocates for peace, respect for human rights,
international cooperation and the reduced flow of weapons. Through this we hope
to promote a world where peace is the common trend and violence and aggression
become remnants of the past

No division within the organization does so in a more direct manner than the Advocacy Team. They do so by sending letters directly to change-makers and influencers advocating for action on important issues. Recipients of our advocacy letters include government officials and leaders of large organizations.

The Role of Advocates

 Advocates write letters on behalf of the OWP and send them directly to those with the power to act. As ambassadors for peace, advocates are expected to represent the OWP in a respectful and honest manner, and to uphold the Organizations values and beliefs.

Their key duties include (but are not limited to):

– Identifying issues that necessitate a response.
– Identifying those who have the power to make the necessary change.
– Working with the Lead Advocate to produce letters to send to the identified change-makers.
– Ensuring the OWP’s voice is heard by those who have the power to produce peace.

While the majority of the OWP’s advocates are hired from our existing batch of proven and dedicated correspondents, we would love to hear from you if you have experience as an advocate and sound knowledge of issues pertaining to peace.

If you are interested in becoming an advocate for the OWP, please email our Lead Advocate at with your CV and cover letter.

Please note: this position is not a paid position.