Zahrah Sahib

Australia’s Epidemic Of Violence Against Women

Within the previous fortnight, seven Australian women were murdered. Except for two friends, these victims did not know each other – they were from across Australia, from various ages with different socioeconomic backgrounds and relationship statuses. Yet, they share a thread that indirectly weaves their experiences together: all women met […]

“Fails The Human Rights Test”: Australia’s Cashless Welfare Card

Since its 2016 trial beginnings in rural Australian towns, the Coalition’s enforcement of the Cashless Welfare Card has been a contested issue. Now, with the Morrison government’s new plans to expand the scope of its power, further restrictions will limit the spending habits of welfare recipients from selected towns. While […]

“Owning A Firearm Is A Privilege Not A Right”: Jacinda Ardern To Further Restrict Kiwi Gun Ownership

Six months after the Christchurch terrorist attacks, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern marked the anniversary by announcing new legislation intended to place restrictions on gun ownership. Ardern also revealed that the new legislation will dedicate more resources and funding towards mental health services, as well as the creation of […]

Robert Mugabe Dies At 95

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first post-independence leader, has died. The 95-year-old was periodically receiving hospital treatment in Singapore for ill health and old age. His death was announced by his successor and erstwhile deputy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, via Twitter. Describing Mugabe as an “an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated […]

The Uluru Climb: Another Political Stunt By Pauline Hanson 1

In her campaign against the impending climbing ban placed on Uluru, last week Pauline Hanson travelled to the Northern Territory. Her sights were set on hiking up the iconic Australian natural landmark. It is a decision which has been criticized as an attention-seeking ploy that clearly disregards Indigenous cultural sensitivities. […]

Rest In Power: 75-Year-Old African American Civil Rights Activist Murdered

The Louisianan district of East Baton Rouge was shaken by horrific news earlier this month – the dead body of civil rights activist, Sadie Roberts-Joseph, was found abandoned in a car trunk. The shocking discovery has triggered an outpouring of sympathies, spanning on- and offline with many expressing disbelief. The […]

Romania’s Former President Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu, alongside two other high-ranking officials, were formally charged with crimes against humanity in early April. Sending shockwaves through the country, the 2-time president has been indicted for his active contribution in the 1989 Romanian Revolution. In the violent revolt against dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist regime, […]