Zoe Mebude-Steves

About Zoe Mebude-Steves

Zoe has been with OWP since 2020 and is currently a Senior Correspondent. He is passionate about politics, history and current affairs and is an advocate for peaceful resolutions to the world's most complex problems. Zoe is particularly interested in current affairs, human rights and global issues.

Will “Sleepy Joe” Show America He’s Wide Awake?

Currently, the United States is going through a number of crises – from a free-falling economy to the public speaking out, despite the panic caused by a deadly pandemic, against blatant racism and prejudice. Mr. Biden, now the democratic nominee, has responded to these crises by stating that Donald Trump’s […]

The Sad History And Persistence Of FGM

When most people think of female genital mutilation (FGM), they assume it is a primitive, uniquely African act. Yet according to the WHO, it has occurred in various ghastly forms in most societies. Perhaps it was because of this universality that in 1920, an international conference in Egypt marked the […]

Four Days Of Violence In New Delhi: How Divisive Has The Citizenship Amendment Act Been? 1

On 23 February 2020, India witnessed a level of violence unseen for decades. At the heart of this was a controversial new law, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) – passed in December 2019 – which offered fast-track citizenship to strictly non-Muslim minorities. That this perceived blatantly anti-Muslim, anti-constitutional law sparked […]