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Zohaib is a recent graduate from the University of Manchester, where he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics. In his spare time, he's an avid fan of travelling, hip-hop and all things politics.

Modi’s BJP Pursues Divisive Citizenship Bill

India’s ruling BJP Party (Bharatiya Janata Party), led by Narendra Modi, has successfully pushed contentious immigration reform through the Indian Congress. The reformed Citizenship Act grants citizenship to persecuted minorities from the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – implicitly excluding Muslims. Prime Minister Ram Kovind, who in 2010 […]

Anglican Archbishop Prostrates As Apology For 1919 British Massacre In Amritsar

On the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury embraced the bold act of prostrating at the site of the Amritsar massacre, as a deeply meaningful symbol of a personal request for forgiveness for the British colonial atrocity. Over 400 were slaughtered and more […]

German Captain of Refugee-Rescue Ship Arrested In Lampedusa

Carola Rakete, German Ship Captain of Sea Watch 3 – a vessel operated by German NGO, Sea Watch – was arrested on June the 27th after docking the vessel at the Italian town of Lampedusa. Rakete was at sea for 2 weeks with 40 African refugees on board, when she […]

Generational Twists And Turns In Algeria’s Determination To Seek Democratic Reform

Thousands of protestors continue to flock to the Algerian capital, Algiers, since February of this year. This comes after President Abdelaziz announced he is seeking a fifth term. Collectively known as the ‘Smile Revolution’, the protestors are demanding democratic transitions in an Algerian political arena comprised of a concentrated elite […]

Greenpeace Activists Determined To Disrupt BP

Greenpeace activists are certainly adamant to prevent BP drilling in the British North Sea, after activists climbed back onto a drilling rig on Friday, merely days after Scottish Police removed protestors from the rig. BP’s rig is located in the Vorlich Field, a recently discovered oil field located off Cromarty […]

Trump, May and Macron Unite at D-Day Commemorations

World leaders, including Trump, Macron and May, overlooked the current tensions facing the Anglo world to attend the D-day tribute held in Normandy on the 6th of June 2019. The commemoration marked the 75th anniversary of the landing of allied troops on the shores of Northern France to push back […]

Difficulties On The Road To China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

In its numerous dimensions, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is perceived as the pinnacle of the modern silk road, connecting the fragmented and developing economies of the Asian subcontinent to Western and Arab markets. An intriguing component of this initiative is CPEC, namely China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, connecting Western China (Xinjian) […]

Bangladesh Charges 16 Individuals For Murder Of Harassed Teen

Bangladesh’s southern Feni District recently saw 16 individuals, including school students and a headmaster, charged with the murder of Nusrat Rafi, a 19 year-old student who was burned alive on the roof of a local Islamic seminary. Nusrat had accused the headmaster of harassment, landing him a temporary jail sentence […]

The Clock Is Ticking For Cypriot Reunification

Turkish and Greek Cypriots alike recently celebrated the unification of the divided Cypriot polity. 1974 marked the creation of the boundary on the island following the Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus in response to an Athens-sponsored coup. The opening of the eastern and western island crossings, Famagusta Dherniya and Lefke […]

Sino-American Trade Tensions Spread As Security Tensions Mount

China is seeking to retaliate to U.S. sanctions, which aim to redefine and restrict the economic activity of Chinese owned companies within the U.S., amongst them Huawei, grounded on fears that the Chinese state may utilize the reach of Chinese enterprise to spy on U.S. technological and military activities. The […]