Zoe Hall

About Zoe Hall

Zoe is a recent graduate of Utah State University with dual degrees in International Studies and Biological Anthropology. Her research interests focus primarily on foreign policy and public health issues.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Brazil’s Indigenous Populations

In September, the Brazilian government flew in general practice doctors as well as a reported 39 tons of food, medicine, and protective equipment to the Guajajara, one of Brazil’s prominent indigenous tribes, according to Reuters. This followed critiques of mishandling the impact of COVID-19 on indigenous populations. With a death toll […]

Junta Appoints Mali Leader For Democratic Transition

Earlier this month, Mali’s military leaders announced they will establish an 18-month transition government. This announcement follows last month’s coup  d’état when Malian soldiers detained high ranking government officials including the nation’s president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who was democratically elected into office in 2013. This is the fourth coup Mali […]

Sudan Reaches Peace Deal With Rebel Groups

The Sudanese government signed a peace deal in August with the Sudan Revolutionary Front, a rebel coalition group. Talks pertaining to the peace accord, hosted by South Sudan, began in late 2019 and discusses issues surrounding land rights, power sharing, and the return of millions of internally displaced persons within […]

Thai Peaceful Activists Arrested In Pro-Democracy Protests

In Thailand, democracy protests have been growing in reaction to the dissolving of the Future Forward Party in February. With appeals to young voters, the fledgling pro-democracy party had a surprising performance in the last election, garnering the third largest share of seats within the national parliament. However, according to […]

Chinese Court Sentences Another Canadian to Death for Drugs

A Chinese court sentenced a Canadian national Ye Jianhui to death last Friday, citing drug transporting and manufacturing charges. The Chinese police in Guangdong Province discovered 480 pounds of MDMA in a room used by Ye and five other Chinese nationals. The report comes only days after another Canadian national […]