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About Zoe Knight

Recent First Class Honours graduate from the Australian National University, Canberra. Currently residing in Perth, I have a strong passion for understanding how international cooperation can influence a state's human rights agenda and international security relations.

Indigenous Brazilians Gather To Protect Their Rights

Over 3,000 indigenous Brazilians have gathered in Brasilia to protest for their rights to their land, and to life, following a surge in the number of killings over land and resources in Brazil since 2003. The indigenous land is being increasingly targeted by both private organizations and the government, leaving […]

Rohingya Isolated As Rakhine State Establishes ‘Muslim-Dry’ Zones

The stateless Rohingya people have recently discovered that their former home in the Rakhine state has been ‘cleared’ and rehabilitated by Rakhine migrants. Al Jazeera reports that new arrivals from the relatively stable south of Myanmar are being sent north to the Rakhine state to fill the now-deserted land. The […]

Iran And US Tensions Threaten Possible ‘Nuclear Crisis’

On Thursday 22nd February 2018, Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, Abbas Araghchi, reiterated Iran’s pledge to commit to the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal. The Deputy Foreign Minister’s proclamation comes over a year after Trump’s election campaign, where promises were made to withdraw from […]

Horrors Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Workers’ Rights In The UAE

Domestic workers make up approximately 5% of the UAE’s population, nevertheless, they continue to be one of the most vulnerable groups in the state. The Middle East is a region of the world that is often overlooked in the assessment of human rights on the domestic level. This is largely […]

Indian Youth Protest ‘Virginity Test’

On January 21st, 2018, three young men protesting in an anti-patriarchy campaign were beaten by a group of 40 people in the city of Pimpri Chinchwad, India. The men were protesting the practice of the “virginity test” on young brides, a test that determines whether the woman is suitable for […]

World Hijab Day: The Social Movement Empowering Muslim Women

World Hijab Day (WHD) was celebrated across the world on February 1st, by both Muslim and non-Muslim women. Women from 140 countries across the world united to support hijab-wearing Muslims, with the aim of encouraging solidarity, confidence in hijab-wearing women, and breaking stereotypes of what the hijab means in a […]

The Future of Humanitarian Work In War-Torn Countries

Humanitarian aid workers have increasingly been targeted for attacks by terror-related organizations. On January 25th, 2018, non-governmental organization (NGO) Save the Children confirmed that four of its staff had been killed in an assault that targeted their office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, claiming the lives of six aid workers. Carried out […]

Pakistan-U.S. Intelligence Predicament: Long-Term Effects And Conceivable Solutions

The Pakistan-U.S. alliance has taken a turn for the worse, threatening Pakistan’s security intelligence capabilities and the U.S.’ military personnel in the region. The two states, allies since the early 1950s, have suspended their sharing of security intelligence to one another. On January 3, 2018, the U.S. State Department announced […]

Tunisia Anti-Austerity Protests Turn Deadly

Protests in Tunisia over the government’s austerity measures have resulted in the loss of life and further collisions with government forces threatening national peace. On the evening of the 8th of January, a 55-year-old man died following a protest over government austerity measures in Tebourba, 40km west of the capital […]

Trump Threatens Aid To Palestinian Territories

Millions of Palestinians may be at risk of a detrimental humanitarian crisis following the announcement of a possible aid cut by its largest aid assistance provider – the United States. On 6 December 2017, Trump released a statement recognizing the extremely sensitive holy site of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. […]