Lew Ching Yip

About Lew Ching Yip

Lew Ching is completing her Bachelors of Economics and Bachelors of International relations, with a minor in French Language and Culture at the Australian National University. She is passionate about policy research, diplomacy and in particular human rights issues. She is contributing to Organization for World Peace as a correspondent in Australia.

Closure Of Manus Island Detention Centre

With Australia’s infamous detention center on Manus Island due to shut down today, tension is brewing among Australia, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and refugee advocates. The Australian reports that the two governments face a critical stand-off on the island with 591 asylum seekers and refugees refusing to leave the regional […]

Crowdfunding Campaign To Place International Pressure On Burma To End Ethnic Cleansing

With the onset of the Rohingya Crisis and nearly half a million refugees seeking refuge in Bangladesh, actions are now taken to condemn what the top United Nations human-rights official dubs a “textbook ethnic cleansing,” stating that it is a crime against humanity. The Independent reports that Hussein Mohamad and […]

Resource Depletion And Environmental Degradation Drives Humanitarian Crises

On the International Day for Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon highlighted that “since 1990, at least 18 violent conflicts have been fuelled by the exploitation of natural resources such as timber, minerals, oil, and gas.” Just two years ago, Russia, the United […]

Russia’s Display Of Massive Firepower Concerns U.S. And NATO Allies

According to CNN, Russia is unleashing massive firepower right on NATO’s border. Under the watchful eyes of President Vladimir Putin, tanks, rockets, and aircrafts display their capabilities in choreographed war games named Zapad (the west). Russia is conducting the military exercise with Belarus. They claim that the exercise simulates an […]

China And Mexico: The Alliance

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s heavy criticism of NAFTA, Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that he will be visiting China next week to discuss the possibility of trade and investment ties between the two nations that are now under attack from Trump. For instance, the imposition of […]

Our “Fish-less” Oceans

On Monday, environmental group Sea Shepherd’s founder Paul Watson announced a ceasefire on all activities against Japanese whalers, citing limited resources as their primary reason. Watson stated that with Japan now employing military surveillance to monitor Sea Shepherd ship movements in real time by satellite, it is impossible for them […]