Vibhore Singh

Cyber Security Challenges in 2016

  There’s a common saying that goes ‘Cyber never sleeps but continues to innovate’. With the growth of internet technology  and accessibility, hackers are devising innovative and sophisticated techniques to manipulate the system. The advances in hacking techniques aren’t guided by Moore’s law– the observation that, over the history of […]

Recent Cyber Attack on Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) in Australia and its aftermath

On December 1st, various news agencies across Australia reported a significant cyber attack on the Bureau of Meteorology(BoM), citing a report from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).[1] Shortly after this reported attack on BoM , ABC published another article claiming that Indonesia was behind the breach of Reserve Bank of Australia […]

The Threat of Boko Haram and the recent spate of suicide attacks in Nigeria

On 13th November, when ISIS militants unleashed a night of terror in Paris killing 130 people, the world’s response has focused extensively on French president Francis Hollande, and his efforts to unite both pro, and anti Assad forces in waging the war against ISIS. In the light of such rhetoric an […]