Victoria Scott

Protests At Ihumatao

Tuesday, August 6th, was yet another call for people across New Zealand to fight for the protection of Ihumatao. It is a day that has built up over the last three weeks, as protesters have held ground trying to stop Fletcher Building from using the land for their own construction, […]

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Statelessness is an issue that has been estimated to affect around 10 million people worldwide. These are people who are not considered a national of any one country due to the way their laws operate. This occurrence can be common for children of migrants or illegal refugees, as well as […]

New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget

In late May, New Zealand announced its budget for the next few years of the Labour government. For the first time, there was a “Wellbeing Budget” announced, a part which looks specifically into the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. This is an incredible first step in making changes to […]

Declaring A Climate Emergency

In New Zealand and across the world, young people have been speaking out about the need to declare a climate emergency, in order to make significant change. Declaring a climate emergency would be a significant first step in ensuring that large corporations take responsibility for the damage they are causing, […]

Abortion Bans Signed In the United States

For the past few years, abortion laws in the United States of America have been highly debated among policymakers, politicians, and the United States citizens. Some argue that to have an abortion is to kill a child, whereas others argue that the ability for women to protect their bodily autonomy […]

Tongo Tongo Ambush

On Tuesday, May 14th, Niger soldiers running a routine military patrol were ambushed, with search operations beginning directly afterwards for missing soldiers who were involved. The initial attack involved 52 soldiers who were in the patrol, and when they came across a group of heavily armed soldiers, were forced into […]

Sudanese Negotiations Continue

Early in April of this year, after months of protests, Sudan’s leader Omar Al-Bashir was forced to step down. Following this removal, Defence Minister Awan Ibn Ouf made the announcement that the country would be placed under a three-month state of emergency and proceed forward with a two-year transitional period […]

Israeli Raids Of Gaza

The violence between Israel and the Palestinian people, partly in Gaza, where the conflict that is seemingly endless, has lulled the past month. However, there has been a recent attack against Israel, with over 200 rockets fired by the Jihad, as well as shots fired across the border. Israel has […]

Sri Lanka Easter Bombings

On 20 April, Easter Sunday, three churches and four hotels were bombed in Sri Lanka, resulting in over 300 deaths and 500 casualties. The attacks happened in and just outside the major city of Colombo. This tragedy terrified the country, especially as it has happened in places of worship that […]

World Health Organization In Tripoli

In Libya’s Tripoli, fighting between General Khalifa Haftar’s forces and the forces fighting against them has been continuously increasing since it began in early April. The violence has spread throughout Tripoli and has killed at least 220 people, as well as wounding over 1000, according to the World Health Organization […]