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Anti Asylum-Seeker Sentiment In Jeju, South Korea

Hundreds of asylum-seekers fleeing the conflict in Yemen thought that the sub-tropical island of Jeju, South Korea, would be a safe refuge from what the United Nations has declared ‘the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.’ Instead, locals have banded together in South-Korea’s first organized anti-asylum movement, parading through the streets, calling […]

U.S Ends Funding To UN’s Palestinian Refugee Agency

The State Department announced Friday that the United States will no longer provide funding to the United Nations’ Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees in the near East – an approximate $0.4 billion annual contribution they’ve made for decades. In their statement, the U.S. called the UNRWA “irredeemably […]

Yemen: The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Last Thursday, 22 children and four women in the Ad Durayhimi district of war-stricken Yemen lost their lives in their attempt to flee the fighting. Another four children were killed that same day from an additional airstrike. The United Nations has confirmed that the attacks were Saudi-led in this three-year […]

‘Modern-Day Slavery’ – The Kafala System

The kafala system refers to an asymmetrical employer-employee arrangement which enables migrant workers to be ‘sponsored’ by individuals or companies to work overseas, most often in domestic or construction roles. The kafala (meaning ‘sponsorship’ in Arabic) system is prevalent in Middle Eastern countries and is practiced in every Gulf state. […]

Afghanistan Peace Talks Underway?

News of peace talks between the United States, backed Afghan government and the Taliban, has been revitalized after US Defence Secretary James Mattis confirmed that a discussion is currently underway. Mr. Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday 7th August that “it is still early in (the) reconciliation process.” Questions […]

Act of Unity in Co-ordinated Evacuation of Syrian ‘White Helmets’

The Syrian Civil Defence, a humanitarian group known as ‘White Helmets’ due to their distinctive safety hats, have been evacuated across the Syrian border into Jordan due to the joint-effort of several external powers. About 100 or so of the White Helmet volunteers along with about 300 others including their […]