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Tucker is an undergraduate at Wesleyan University studying American Politics and Environmental Studies.

In Wake Of Beirut Blast, Lebanon’s Cabinet Steps Down

The week following a devastating explosion in the Lebanese capital of Beirut has been one marred by violence, disarray, and capitulation. With pressures to resign mounting in wake of the disaster, the country’s government, led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, stepped down from power on Monday afternoon. Diab announced the resignation […]

Polish President Proposes Constitutional Ban On LGBTQ Adoption Amid Close Election Race

On Monday, Polish President Andrzej Duda proposed an amendment to the Polish constitution that would bar same-sex couples from adopting children. The move comes as candidates for the upcoming presidential election are polling neck-and-neck. Rafał Trzaskowski, the candidate running against the Civic Platform (PO) party and incumbent President Duda, announced […]

North Korea Withdraws From Added Military Pressure On The South

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, has decided to suspend its plans to increase military pressure on its southern neighbor, the Republic of Korea, as ties between the two countries have deteriorated since early June.  The decision comes after a meeting between Supreme Leader Kim […]

Thousands Flee Western Myanmar As Army Plans “Clearing Operations”

Warnings from local administrators have prompted thousands of citizens in Myanmar’s Rakhine state to flee their homes in fear as the country’s army plans “clearance operations” against insurgents in the area.  A government spokesperson later said that the evacuation order had been revoked altogether. Border affairs officials acknowledged that the […]

Kidnapping Of Thai Exile Ignites Protests For Justice

Demonstrations have broken out in Bangkok in response to the suspected kidnapping of a Thai activist who is recognized for sparking protests of the country’s constitutional monarchy. Activists have denounced laws that suppress opposition to the country’s ruling family, including restricting people’s abilities to organize and the freedom to criticize […]

Nepal Attempts To Seize Contested Territories From India After Revealing New National Map

Nepal issued a new official national map last week in a “unilateral” attempt to claim disputed territories along the country’s border with India and China. India’s government has rebuked the country’s actions, even though it too, claims the territory in its official map.  The land in question is a mountainous […]

Hungarian Parliament Seeks To Ban Legal Gender Recognition For Transgender People 2

After being introduced on March 31st, 2020, the Hungarian Parliament is set to review a bill that would effectively prohibit transgender people from legally changing their gender identity. The amendment came while the nation’s attention was focused on a larger set of emergency measures passed in response to the COVID-19 […]

Al-Qaeda Link Found After Officials Break Encryption On Florida Attacker’s iPhone

Latest Developments On Monday, the United States Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that the perpetrator of the Pensacola Naval Base terror attack on December 6th, 2019 was linked to branches of al-Qaeda. The assailant was found to have had continued communications with the terrorist group up […]