Trinh Nguyen

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Correspondent from Toronto, Canada interested in world events; specializes in literary analysis at the University of Toronto.

Chinese Warplanes Breach Taiwan’s Defence Zone, Escalating Tensions

The Chinese government breached Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) with fighter planes and bombers from Beijing last week. The Taiwanese government has called this a national threat and an act of aggression from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesman Wang Wenbin denied the validity of an […]

Disney’s Mulan Controversy Is A Harrowing Reminder Of Human Rights Abuses

Calls to boycott Disney’s new film Mulan were prompted by Hong Kong protestors earlier this month when lead actress Liu Yifei made a post on social media in support of Hong Kong police. Criticism centered on the post expressing pro-Chinese government sentiment, which has been associated with endorsing police brutality. […]