Tudi Nathalie

Refugees: Down Or Destroyed?

There is hardly a word more frequently used on media these days than the word “refugee”. It has brought debates of a global magnitude to individuals, groups of individual, and policy-makers. The present refugee crisis plaguing Europe and affecting the world has been termed the worst since World War II, recording an […]

U.N. Cracks Down on Sexual Abuse Committed by Peacekeepers

  Senegalese Army General Babacar Gaye, head of peacekeeping missions in the Central African Republic since 2014, has been sacked. According to the BBC, this comes after several allegations of sexual abuse by UN peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic and other crisis areas in the world. This week […]

Dealing With Conflict Indicators: Why Closing Our Eyes To “Minor” Issues Means Opening Our Eyes To Complex Ones

Man is on a constant struggle to be at peace with himself: His actions, decision or his past. From the man on the street to the king in the palace, the craving for inner peace is not a matter of debate, yet the world run by man is moving towards […]

BURUNDI – More than 10 000 flee to neighboring states amidst electoral unrest.

According to a preliminary statement by United Nations (UN) Electoral Observation Mission, the elections which started off this week in Burundi with the parliamentary have been reported to be unfair and full of human rights violations. The observers have reported that the recent civil unrest in the country has greatly […]

NIGERIA: The Fight Against Boko Haram Takes a New Twist.

Nigeria’s Military Command Centre has moved from Abuja to the country’s northeastern largest city and capital of Borno state – Maiduguri. Following arrangements between President Muhammad Buhari and Nigerian Army authorities, the move is reported to have taken effect today Tuesday June 9th. The Military Command and Control Center for […]