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Taylor Linzinmeir is a rising junior at Ohio University studying journalism with a focus on print and specialization in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Palestinians Fear Israel To Further Limit Access To Dead Sea

Palestinians fear that the Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank will further limit access to the beautiful and lucrative Dead Sea. In May, Israel announced plans to recognize most of the Israeli settlements on already occupied Palestinian land, specifically about 30% of the West Bank, as officially part […]

U.S. Preparing To Withdraw 9,500 Troops From Germany

U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered the removal of troops from Germany: the plan to cut 9,500 of the 34,500 U.S. troops in Germany and cap the number of troops at 25,000 blindsided the German government on June 5. According to European diplomats, the allies had never been officially informed […]

Russia Preparing To Potentially Use Atomic Weapons In Response To Future Conventional Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a document last week that would allow him to use atomic weapons in response to non-nuclear attacks on critical government and military infrastructure. The document outlined Russian policy on its nuclear deterrent policy and was published online. It describes the situations that could justify a […]

Iran Calling For Global Solidarity During Pandemic

Iran called for global solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday, saying that U.S. sanctions are “inhumane” and causing “unnecessary suffering and pain”. U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran have not only made Iran suffer economically, but they have also restricted access to vital medicine for Iranians. According to a 2019 report […]

Who Will the Middle East Peace Plan Really Grant Peace?

France is reportedly urging European Union diplomats to threaten Israel with a tough response if the country goes ahead with plans to annex parts of the West Bank, EU diplomats told Reuters. In addition, they said other countries, including Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg, also want to discuss inflicting punishment in […]

Germany May Have More Than 10 Times As Many COVID-19 Cases Than Previously Thought

The number of COVID-19 cases in Germany may be 10 times higher than previously estimated, based on research from the University of Bonn. The University of Bonn conducted a field trial in one of Germany’s worst-hit towns, Gangelt, located in the municipality of Heinsberg on the Dutch border. Heinsberg has the […]

Tensions Rise As European Leaders Face Pressure To Ease COVID-19 Lockdowns

While some European countries were eager to open up their schools and shops in the last couple weeks, the German Chancellor still feels hesitant to lift restrictions. Life seems as though it is returning to normal in places like Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Norway. People can be seen back […]