Tim Harvey

Palestinians Protest U.S. U-Turn On Israeli Settlements

Demonstrations erupted in the West Bank on Tuesday, in a direct response to the declaration by the United States that they no longer believe Israeli settlements to be in violation of international law. The Palestinian Red Crescent has recorded injuries to as many as 77 demonstrators inflicted by Israeli forces […]

Foreign Policy – The Issue Nobody’s Talking About In The U.K. General Election

With the announcement of the various parties’ manifestos in the last week, it is Labour’s commitment to a new foreign policy approach which is arguably the most radical departure from the status quo of recent decades. The commitment to bring an end to what is termed the “bomb first, talk […]

Putting Yemen On The Map

The complaint that Yemen’s five-year conflict has been largely ignored by the world at large is now more familiar than the conflict itself. An in-depth study conducted by Amanda Guidero and Maia Hallward last year, entitled Global Responses to the Conflict and Crisis in Syria and Yemen, concluded that the […]

Will Oman Talks Signal the Beginning of the End for Hadi’s Rule in Yemen?

Indirect talks between Saudi officials and representatives of the Houthi rebels are being hosted in Oman, as each party seeks a political solution to the near five-year long conflict. These negotiations come just 12 days after the signing of the Riyadh Agreement, which formalised a power-sharing arrangement between the internationally […]

First Phase Of Grenfell Inquiry Released

The first phase of the two-part Grenfell Inquiry was released earlier this week, concluding that failings in the London Fire Brigade’s (LFB) response, combined with flaws inherent in the building’s construction to cause a disaster unprecedented in British social housing history.   The report, conducted by Sir Martin Moore-Bick, confirmed […]

Lebanese Protests Enter Tenth Day

Protests in Lebanon have continued into their tenth day, despite calls from the government for the people to desist. Riot police have been called in to try to defuse the situation in Beirut, as demonstrators have clashed with pro-Hezbollah supporters in the capital. Over one million people have taken to […]

Iraq Death Toll Reaches 65 As Protests Continue

At least 65 people have now been killed during violent anti-government protests taking place across Iraq, according to Reuters. The rallies have spread rapidly across the country, since spontaneous demonstrations erupted in Baghdad last Tuesday. The unrest has been met with a fierce response from the Iraqi security forces, with […]