Tizazu Ayalew

About Tizazu Ayalew

Tizazu Ayalew Holds His Master’s Degree in International Relations from Addis Abeba University, Department of Political Science and International Relations. He is from the Horn of African region( Ethiopia). Working on all conflict related issue, pertaining to the non-violence solution for conflicts, of the OWP big aim, is his ardent interest.

US, UK And France Carried Out An Air Strike In Syria

The Syrian government is frequently accused of the production and use of chemical weapons since the start of protests in 2011. The suspected use of chemical weapons is one of the serious issues that have attracted the interest of major powers in deeply divided corners. The Western powers, led by […]

Ethiopia Lifts The State Of Emergency That Was Enforced For The Last 10 Months

The Ethiopia government has lifted the state of emergency that was enforced since October 2016.  The emergency was declared as a response to one of the worst violent protest the country has ever encountered post-1991.  Protests have existed in different parts of the country for over a year before the […]

US Missile Attack On Syria Deepens The Rival Interests Of World Powers

Last week, on 7 April 2017, the US launched a cruise missiles attack on Syria’s Shayrat airfield. As the New York Times reported, the missile strike targeted a Syrian airbase, which was allegedly perceived as the place where the chemical attack was launched that left over 86 civilians dead. Despite […]

Saudi Arabia Is Planning To Deport Irregular Immigrants After 90 Days Of Amnesty Period

Saudi Arabia’s restrictive naturalization and immigration policy invites other forms of short-term migration into the country. The state is a major destination point for irregular migrants, particularly from Asia and Africa. Mass labour migration to Saudi Arabia began in the 1970s when the oil boom required workers to sustain the […]

The Biggest Ever Forced Displacement Crisis Facing The World

  Massive forced displacement of peoples in the form of either, Internally Displaced Person (IDPs) or Refugees, is one of the key challenges of the post-Cold War World. Intra-state war or a civil armed conflict is the main contributing factor for the existing dramatic displacement crisis worldwide. In addition, persecution […]

Darfur: The Controversial Referendum

  Civil wars remain one of the key manifestations of Sudan since its independence from Anglo-Egyptian condominium rule. Triggered by inter alia, oppressive rules, ethnic and ideological cleavages, competition over scarce resources and colonial legacies as well, major confrontations have been a long-term reality. The North-South war of 1955–1972, the […]

The Security Situation in Burundi

It was since April 2015 that Burundi found itself in security risk, while president Nkurunziza officially announce his running for third term presidential contest. Immediately public protest erupted, security deteriorated, and violence escalated without remedies until now. It has been frequently reported that, as of 20 December, 2015 approximately 400 […]