Author: Tom Houston

Tension Continues To Mount As Zimbabwean Economy Falters

Protests in Zimbabwe are steadily becoming more irritated as the coronavirus pandemic inflames the country’s pre-existing issues. Since gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in 1980, Zimbabwe has been characterized by a weak economy, poor leadership, human rights violations, and general corruption. The British took interest in this African

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More Than Fifty Dead At Sino-Indian Border, What’s Next?

For the past several weeks hundreds of Indian and Chinese military personnel were steadfast on opposite sides of an arbitrary line in the middle of the Himalayan mountains. This arbitrary line has been the point of conflict for the better part of fifty years and has defined India’s foreign policy

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The Philippines Under Duterte: From Democracy To Dictator

The Philippines is fast approaching a potential crisis. Not an economic crisis or an inevitable military conflict, but a crisis that threatens the democracy and personal liberties of the Filipino people. President Rodrigo Duterte has resolutely held the position of denying the popular news network ABS-CBN the ability to renew

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