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Rising senior attending Xavier University with studies focused on politics and international relations.

Turkey Prods Cyprus With Offshore Drilling As Hopes For A Unification Remain Distant

Cyprus, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, saw their newest wrinkle in their decades old power struggle between Greek and Turkish communities both vying for political power. Turkey, a superpower relative to their region of the world, has a history of flexing their military power to influence conflict in […]

Tension Continues To Mount As Zimbabwean Economy Falters

Protests in Zimbabwe are steadily becoming more irritated as the coronavirus pandemic inflames the country’s pre-existing issues. Since gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in 1980, Zimbabwe has been characterized by a weak economy, poor leadership, human rights violations, and general corruption. The British took interest in this African […]

Tensions Rise as United States Based Chinese Journalists’ Visas Expire

For the past several years China and the United States have been increasingly at odds on several fronts. It started with trade, then shifted to United States’ criticism of how China is dealing with the protests in Hong Kong, and most recently COVID-19. Perhaps being perpetuated by President Trump and […]

Tanzania’s Presidential Election Heats Up As A Strong Political Opponent Returns From Exile

With the October 28th general election fast approaching, many Tanzanians were pleasantly shocked by the return of prominent political figure, Tundu Lissu, after a near three-year self-imposed exile. Lissu was the most threatening opponent to the eventual winner of the 2015 general election, John Magufuli, and his Chama Cha Mapinduzi […]

As Pakistan’s COVID Curve Flattens, Healthcare Workers Shift Focus To Polio

With COVID-19 still threatening the lives of people all over the world, this week Pakistan made the difficult decision to continue to administer Polio vaccinations, with an ambitious goal of reaching 800,000 Pakistani children in under one week. COVID-19 has affected Pakistan perhaps more severely than the other countries in […]

Turkey Finds A Ceasefire In Libya Increasingly Unlikely As Haftar Continues His Assault On Tripoli

Since the death of Qaddafi in 2011 Libya has been a wasteland of tribal warfare, all vying for control of the country’s government and their vast oil reserves. The internationally recognized government also known as the Government of National Accord (GNA) have been particularly at odds with Khalifa Haftar and […]

Russian Journalist Escapes Jail Time As Public Pressure Continues To Rise

In a very politicized court case this week, a Russian judge may have set the foundation for a freer Russian media going forward. In the case of Svetlana Prokopyeva, a Russian freelance journalist for the United States funded company Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, was found guilty of justifying a recent […]

Two Mozambican Journalists Released After Corruption Charge Was Dropped

Nestled into Africa’s eastern coast, with Malawi at the northern border and South Africa to the south, you will find Mozambique, the former Portuguese colony that is now home to more than thirty million people. Despite their remote location and under-developed infrastructure Mozambique has been hit by COVID-19 just the […]

The Philippines Under Duterte: From Democracy To Dictator 1

The Philippines is fast approaching a potential crisis. Not an economic crisis or an inevitable military conflict, but a crisis that threatens the democracy and personal liberties of the Filipino people. President Rodrigo Duterte has resolutely held the position of denying the popular news network ABS-CBN the ability to renew […]