Thomas Symes

Abortion Laws

Prominent figures on the Christian right in the US, ranging from religious figures, well-known authors and elected politicians have warned that the fight over abortion rights could lead to a new civil war. Though such dire predictions are not necessarily new on the extreme right wing in the US, the […]

Will The Declaring Of A Climate Emergency Enact Any Real Change?

The scale of human influence on the planet is startling, if not downright terrifying. We’ve produced enough concrete to cover the Earth with a 2 millimetre layer, enough plastic to cling-film the Earth, we annually produce almost 5 billion livestock. Human activities move more rock and sediment than all natural […]

Julian Assange: A Martyr Of Journalism

Thursday, 11 April 2019, saw the eventual arrest of Julian Assange, controversial figurehead of Wikileaks by British police. Following his expulsion from the Ecuadorian embassy in London ending his seven-year asylum. He had taken refuge there to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been […]

Increased Clashes Between Israel And Palestine Ahead Of Eurovision Song Contest

Renewed violence in Gaza has left six Palestinians and one Israeli civilian dead after an Israeli airstrike hit a Turkish news agency in Gaza. The recent violence comes as one the most intense exchanges between the two factions in recent years. Increased tensions in the region have led to numerous […]

Extinction Rebellion Protests Continue in London

This week, climate protesters from environmental group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have organized large scale protests in a number of cities, grinding them to a halt. The protests aimed to draw attention to government inadequacies in addressing the global climate emergency within critical time frames. XR claims 2,300 people have signed […]