Tamara Bilic

About Tamara Bilic

A current undergraduate at UNSW studying a Bachelor of Arts: double major in Criminology and International Relations. My interests are in ethnic conflict, peace, nation building and institutions, specifically in the Balkan region of Europe. I am with the OWP to spread the need for peace in regions of the world that have been given the blind eye. The OWP has provided me with the perfect platform to achieve this and share it with the rest of the world.

Statehood Day Dividing Bosnia-Herzegovina

The President of the Republic of Serbia (RS), Milorad Dodik, has followed the ruling of a referendum held in late September of last year, supporting the celebration of Statehood Day on the 9th of January. Statehood Day is a Serbian Orthodox religious holiday (the day of St. Stephen, patron saint […]

North Korea One Step Closer To ICBM’s

While most, if not nearly all, countries welcomed in the New Year on Sunday with celebrations, rejoice, and a promise for a progressively safer nation, Kim Jong-un did the opposite. The North Korean dictator announced to his population that plans to test launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) is “actively progressing.” The […]

Balkan Arms Trade Fueling The Middle East

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) have recently opened up an investigative project that delves into the world of corruption and arms dealing, which is fueling the current conflicts occurring in the Middle East. In a thirteen month period around the […]

Are We Experiencing A Modern Day Cold War?

Few people, over the past two and a half decades, have raised the question of whether the Cold War ever really came to an end. With the current war occurring in Syria, it is becoming increasingly apparent to observers that the war is taking the shape of a proxy war […]

12 Killed And 50 Injured In Berlin Christmas Nightmare

  At 8:00 PM on Monday night, a registered Polish truck careered off a highway and directly into the path of a Christmas Market in Breitscheidplatz, Germany, outside of Berlin. The truck traveled for about 80 metres after exiting the highway at around 70 kilometres per hour, before coming to […]

Ratko Mladić’s Prosecution To Bring Long Awaited Peace And Justice

  As the trial for notorious Bosnian Serb military commander, Ratko Mladić, comes to a close after a lengthy five-year trial, survivors, victim’s families, and the prosecution are calling for a life sentence. Anything less, lawyers are saying would be an ‘insult to his victims.’ Mladić is being accused of […]

Aleppo – ‘One Giant Graveyard’

‘One giant graveyard’ is how United Nations Humanitarian Chief, Stephen O’Brien, recently described the situation in Syria’s eastern Aleppo. This statement was released during an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday of this week, following the dire humanitarian situation that is occurring in the city of Aleppo. A situation […]

Solving The Deteriorating Conflict Between The Turkish And The Kurdish

As the Kurdish-Turkish fight comes close to 40 years, it is hard to believe that two years ago peace was once the top priority on the agenda for the Turkish towards the recognised terrorist group Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The two year ceasefire broken in July of last year has […]

Russia’s Disagreement On Croatia’s Potential Peace Plan For Ukraine

  On Monday of this week, Andrej Plenkovic, the Croatian Prime Minister visited Kiev, Ukraine, aiming to implement a peace arrangement for the repressed former Soviet Union state. The peace arrangement would be modeled off of the Erdut Agreement, created between Croatia and rebel Croatian Serbs in 1995. The UN-sponsored […]

War Crimes Arrests Reignites The Fight For A Third Entity In Bosnia

The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) set up to trial war crimes committed in the region during the 1990s has outlined the aim of ending impunity and paving a clear path for reconciliation for the Former Yugoslav states. A clear non-violent strategy that aimed to ensure peace for […]