Tamana Mirzada

Refugee Children Forced To Work After Calais Camp Demolishment

  Refugee children, who have been sent to welcome centres across France after the Calais camp demolishment, claim they have been forced into labour. Interviews with unaccompanied minors took place from refugee camps and Frances official centres discovered that children have been forced into unpaid labour and ordered to pick […]

European Leaders Blamed For Refugee Deaths In The Mediterranean

  According to The Independent, England, and other European countries have impacted the refugee crisis more negatively by forcing people, who are escaping conflict and persecution, to undertake dangerous journeys. In particular, a report by the Unraveling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG) project, declared that the strict refusals to open […]

Greece activists cleared

A court in Greece has cleared at least 26 activists who were were arrested by the Greek court for pro-refugee solidarity action. Those who were arrested were foreigners from Austria, Britain , Germany , Morocco, Spain and Switzerland. The Thessaloniki court threw out charges of “disturbing a religious gathering”. Yet, 19 of […]

Dangerous Conditions for Kids of the Calais Refugee Camp

Reports addressed by the Guardian suggest that the dangers children face in Calais (a port city in northern France across the English Channel), are abundant and comprehensive. Recently, Unicef UK had described the main fears that children have as, “violence displayed by the police, civilian militias and traffickers, as well […]