Author: Sydney Stewart

Kremlin Corruption: Russia Demands Navalny Return And Face Jail Time

  On December 28th, the Russian Kremlin ordered Alexei Navalny’s immediate return from Germany for a hearing. Navalny, Putin’s primary opposition, is currently recovering in Berlin after his suspected poisoning in August. This petition was issued by Russia’s Federal Prison Service (FSIN), who claimed Navalny had been actively avoiding a

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New Strain Of COVID-19 Discovered In The U.K.

After a year of researching and combatting COVID-19, a new strain of the novel coronavirus was discovered in the U.K. last week. This variant is becoming the most prominent strain throughout southern England, but has also been discovered in Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, and South Africa. While scientists do not believe

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EU’s Proposed Response To Recent Terrorism Highlights Rampant Islamophobia, Risking Further Radicalization

Last Monday, European Council President Charles Michel advocated for the swift creation of an EU body responsible for training imams: local Islamic leaders responsible for guiding prayer in local mosques and instructing Muslims on how to live a religious life. Given the recent rise in European terrorist attacks linked to

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Three-Way Nile Dam Negotiations Resume Amidst U.S.-Ethiopia Tensions

On Tuesday, October 27th, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan resumed long-term negotiations over the construction and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa. This 4.6 billion dollar structure which sits on the Ethiopia-Sudan border has caused tensions since its beginnings in 2011. Although the

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History Repeated: Past Tensions Flare Between Armenia And Azerbaijan

Remnants of a conflict seemingly settled 26 years ago have flared up again this past week in the South Caucasus region. Azerbaijan and Armenia resumed conflict on September 27th, reviving long-existing tensions between the two previous Soviet republics. The current battle is concentrated on Nagorno-Karabakh: an Armenian ethnic enclave located

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