Stephen R. Hussar

Bangladesh Plans Evacuation Of Rohingya To Island 1

On October 21st, the Government of Bangladesh announced that it planned to evacuate a hundred thousand Rohingya refugees to Bhasan Char, a remote island in the Bay of Bengal, as a measure to ease overcrowding of refugee camps established in the vicinity of Cox’s Bazar, the Boston Globe reported on […]

In Bid For Survival, Kurds Ally With Assad Regime Against Turkey

Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s sudden decision to militarily withdraw from Syria last week, Kurdish leaders have struck a deal with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to join with Syrian regime forces in fighting against an incursion by Turkey, a country that has long repressed the Kurdish people, dismissing their calls […]

Trump Announces Troop Withdrawal From Northern Syria

On Monday, U.S. President Donald Trump declared that almost all American forces currently stationed in northern Syria to help combat the Islamic State are to be withdrawn, as Turkish forces prepare to take on the responsibility, according to the Boston Globe. This has elicited numerous protests from within the United […]

North Korea Launches New Missiles As Negotiations Set To Begin With United States

  News of another ominous development in the tenuous diplomatic situation on the Korean Peninsula arrived Wednesday. According to National Public Radio, North Korea test-launched a new ballistic missile from the port city of Wonsan, towards the south. The missile was reported to have landed within the Sea of Japan, […]

In Reversal Of Course, Migrants Accepted Into Italy

This past weekend brought an auspicious turn of events in the continuing European refugee crisis, as the Italian government eased its anti-refugee policy, allowing a vessel operated by the human rights organizations SOS Mediterranean and Mediciens Sans Frontieres, carrying dozens of North African refugees, to dock at the Italian port […]

Outrage As Neo-Nazi Elected Mayor Of Small German Town

Stefan Jagsch, a member of the far-right-wing National Democratic Party, was elected mayor of the small German town of Waldsiedlung, near Frankfurt am Main, last Thursday, igniting outrage in Germany. According to a report by the BBC, Jagsch was elected unanimously by the town council comprised of seven members, after […]

U.S. Agrees To Large-Scale Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

On Monday, a deal was reached between the United States and Afghan Taliban for the U.S. to withdraw 5,400 soldiers and close five bases. This is the latest development in the story of continuing negotiations that began in Qatar late last year. The United States’ special envoy to Afghanistan, the […]

Recent Houthi Missile Attack Underscores Longstanding Religious Proxy Battle

Al Jazeera reported on Monday, 26 August, that the Yemeni rebel group Ansar Allah, (“Partisans of Allah”) better known as the Houthis, fired a salvo of ten ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia, targeting a civilian airport in the southern city of Jinzan. Dozens of casualties were reported, despite six of […]

Turkey Ousts Three Mayors And Arrests Hundreds, Alleging Terrorism

Ominous developments have occurred this week in Turkey, as Reuters reports that the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has moved to oust three Kurdish mayors in the country’s restive southeastern region, alleging links to militant Kurdish separatists. At the same time, police arrested more than four hundred people throughout […]

Haitian Military Reinstated After Long Absence

Wednesday brought news of potentially great consequence from Haiti, the Caribbean island nation hit hard by a 2010 earthquake as the impoverished nation has officially restored its military forces following a more than twenty year absence. The Haitian military was disbanded in 1995 following decades of its interference in politics […]