Shanisha Pillay

The Argument Of Economic And Social Rights As Human Rights 1

Why are political rights codified as genuine human rights? Political rights are validated as human rights because they can be judicially enforced. For instance, the right to vote and the right to engage in political activity, such as the right to run for office. The idea of political rights as […]

History Of Women’s Rights

Rebecca Adami. Women and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. New York: Routledge, 2019 Review by Shanisha Pillay (52656162) Women and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, emphasize gender equality by illustrating why it is important for women to be specifically included in the Declaration of Human Rights. “This book […]

Analysis Of Canada’s Arms Trade With Saudi Arabia

(Written in the POV of Global Affairs Canada) The Department of Global Affairs Canada under North America, Trade Policy and Negotiations (TND) has prepared the following paper in order to discuss how best to move forward with Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia. This issue is important because it gained […]