Anne-Sophie Neyra

About Anne-Sophie Neyra

Second Year student reading BSc Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.Living in South America, the Middle East as well as in the E.U. has given me the opportunity to both develop my knowledge and experience, simultaneously enriching my personality and interests notably in photojournalism, politics and volunteering. I am currently a Correspondent for the Organisation for World Peace as well as a Latin America Correspondent for The London Globalist, an online international affairs newspaper.

Surrogacy Markets: An Ethical And Legal Approach

Surrogacy is not a new phenomenon. For thousands of years, women have nominated others to give birth on their behalf. However, technological advances such as IVF, softening of cultural attitudes and the trend of having children later have fuelled a recent boom in surrogacy. In the past two decades, it […]

Environment: Europe Feeds Climate Crisis With Its Dependence On Soy. Sub-Saharan Africa Does So By Its Unwieldy Practices.

The Finnish finance minister, whose country holds the rotating E.U. presidency, has announced his intention to ban the import of Brazilian beef into Europe in protest of the Brazilian government’s deforestation policy. Emmanuel Macron, supported by counterpart Angela Merkel, opposed the free trade agreement between the E.U. and Mercosur in […]

The Amazonian Region Suffocates In The Name Of Bolsonaro’s Collective Project  1

More than 75,000 fires have been recorded in the Amazon Forest since January 2019. This equals an 84% increase compared to last year. Global media outrage, presenting the events as worthy of, and urging for universal empathy and concern, has had the merit of drawing attention towards Brazil, calling all […]

Pedro Pierluisi Nominated As Puerto Rico’s New Governor 3

On August 2nd, Ricardo Rosselló finally resigned as Puerto Rico’s governor,  nominating Pedro Pierluisi as his successor. On July 22nd, the headline of El Nuevo Dia, the country’s leading newspaper, read: ‘Governor, it is now time to listen to your people: you must resign.’ Since July 13th, hundreds of thousands […]

Poland: A Peaceful LGBTQ March Turns Into A Nightmare 2

 On July 20th, a milestone for the Podlachia region, known for its conservatism and for being a stronghold of Polish nationalism, was completely disrupted. Białystok’s first-ever ‘Equality March’ was scheduled for 2:30pm on that day. Eggs, stones, glass bottles and dozens of firecrackers were aimed at LGBTQ supporters by football fans […]

Mexico Takes First Step Towards Regulating Sex Work

In the hopes of reducing sex trafficking in the country, Mexico has given the green light to the decriminalization of sex work in its capital. The legislators obtained a result of 38-0 with eight abstentions in a vote in Congress on Friday, which favoured a bill to remove a line […]