Author: Sonya Peres

Can Food Waste Improve Food Insecurity?

Often when we think of food insecurity, our minds may turn to war, famine, drought, and a myriad of other ways food production and distribution may be hindered.  Of course, these are valid obstacles to ensuring proper food intake and nourishment to the world’s 7.6 billion people.  According to the Food

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Justin Trudeau Meets With Alberta And British Columbia Premiers To Discuss The Kinder Morgan Pipeline

On Sunday April 15th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Alberta Premier Rachel Notely, and British Columbia Premier John Horgan in Ottawa, the country’s capital, to discuss new developments on the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The expansion of the pipeline, a project spearheaded by Texas-based infrastructure giant,

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Sinclair Broadcasting Group Presents Threat To American Democracy

Freedom of the press, information and expression is a crucial element to a democracy; these freedoms allow populations to seek unlimited information, develop personal preferences and values and consequently make informed decisions. Freedom of the press is covered in the First Amendment to the United States’ Constitution and section 2

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The Kinder Morgan Pipeline Is One Of Many Examples Of Environmental Racism

Last month, the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a study indicating that Black communities and people of colour in the United States disproportionately experience environmental pollution (with Black communities as much as 3 times more likely to live amid environmental pollution), as many polluting industries locate themselves right

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